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Story of the Year 2011

Congratulations to Dr Denise Perron whose story,"The Power of the Expect A Miracle Card " has been chosen by our world-wide readership as the Winner of the Readers Choice Story of the Year 2011



The Power of the Expect A Miracle Card

I would like to share a little bit about my background. I am a French Canadian and I come from a large family of eight children, five brothers and two sisters. I come from a family of recovering addicts, although very successful and very inspiring, I have a beautiful family.

I lost a brother when he was 23 and he committed suicide. About seven years ago I met Dr John at a seminar in the United States and he gave me one of those Expect a Miracle cards .

A couple of years ago I met John again in the US and heard him speaking at a big seminar in Las Vegas. Later that same weekend John asked me to talk about a m iracle story in my life for a video collection he was putting together. The story below is the first one that came to mind and I felt compelled to share it .

When John gave me that card we hugged and I laughed at Expect A Miracle and I put it in my wallet with everything else. I came back to my office in Canada and I'm treating patients and my sister called me from Florida, she was on vacation.

She has four children and her second son had called her to say he had to call a help line and wanted to commit suicide. So I said this is not possible and if you know any of the statistics about suicide, once you have one in the family its very likely that you can have another who will take the same path. It's an easy path for some people, I don't really understand it.

So I'm in-between patients and my sister is begging me to see him now, as he needs help , RIGHT NOW! . So I have patients in the rooms, I'm trying to do my thing. He comes to see me and of course now I'm focusing on, "What can I do for you ” .
They are a divorced family and he comes in angry at his father, step father and everything else. I don't really know what to do, it's my sisters son and I love them all and I am trying to get them to hang onto something.

It just came to mind somehow, in the moment, so I pulled the Expect A Miracle card out of my wallet and I said to Oliver , “ you need to look at this card” and I gave him the card and he looked at me and said, “ is this for me, did you print this up for me? ”, and I said , “ absolutely , this is for you and its guaranteed ” .

He looked at it; it's the first time I have ever seen anybody look at a card in such a way, and he believed it and he wanted it. He said , "This is real and I know I can" and I said , “absolutely, what is going to be your miracle?”

He said , “I really don't want to live, but My Miracle would be, if only I could find a reason too ”  So I left him in my office holding the card and I'm off to see more patients and I'm thanking John in the back of my mind and thinking about what my nephew had said . Wow... some tool that will buy me another half hour.

I get back in to my private office and he's still staring at the card ,and then there's tears coming, and he says ,” OK, I am ready ” . So I said, “I'll send you to a treatment center and if you really want to get better you need to get treatment". Whether or not the reason for the suicide was abuse, it didn't matter.

The next thing I did was to personally care for him and adjust him. I said to him, "Now I'm going to get you adjusted, I'm going to get you thinking on the right path".

When somebody is in a crisis there is no reasoning, there is no thinking. They need peoples help and it's very hard to get people to help them. So I called a hospital and I called a treatment center and they took him that very day.

Anybody who knows anything about this knows, you don't just say to the person go, you say wait for me and I'll drive you there. So he hung onto that Expect A Miracle card and he did a treatment for twenty eight days and came back out.

My sister came home crying and said: “ How did you get him in there?". They had tried to get him in there for years.

He said it was the card, he said all of a sudden for him the miracle was really what he wanted, the truth is he wanted a miracle. He felt like that was his message from God, from somewhere higher up.

It gave me the lesson that sometimes we never know where and when the message will come. However, when the message does arrive for the person in need we have no idea how far reaching the positive outcome can be . That little white card that that John gave me that day with the simple yet very powerful three words on it, EXPECT A MIRACLE ended up saving someone's life... that's a MIRACLE!!

Of course my sister said can we print some of these amazing little Expect A Miracle cards.

My nephew had his special Expect A Miracle card up on his wall in the treatment centre. He said that's what made him hang on, this was about 8 years ago. He has a new life today and has a desire to live. He has a job and reasons to live and realized that there is a life of miracles out there awaiting all of us .

Every time I see him he pulls out the EXPECT A MIRACLE card out of his wallet. My message to all of you is that Love and Miracles are for everybody and you never know when that miracle can help someone.

Don't be afraid to share it, don't be afraid to help, don't be afraid to tell people that they deserve a miracle and miracles are there for everyone .

He realizes and has talked to me since about when he read miracle he was expecting something extraordinary. He realized really and truly that it was the ordinary that was the miracle.

I was touched so deeply by that, ever since then I just think that so many people need others to see the obligation of sharing. That's really why I'm writing this today to encourage you all to tell everyone you know that they deserve miracles in their lives and to live life to the fullest and to expect miracles and this will create happiness for them.

Dr Denise Perron
Montreal, Quebec,

To Watch the amazing video of Dr Denise Perron Click Below

Denise Perron Part 1

Denise Perron Part 2



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