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The Healing Power of the Body

A new patient came to my office at the end of last week. He is a 21 year old young man who was born breached and had horrific birth trauma, particularly to his neck and pelvis. He has never been able to move his legs, nearly every major organ in his body has had some kind of dysfunction - many of them life threatening - and since he was 5 years old, he has been breathing with the help of a machine attached to his wheel chair. He can speak, but it is hard to describe - his voice sounds strange... you just know there is a problem there.

His identical twin brother - who incidentally looks almost nothing like him - has had a very healthy active life.

He has had surgery on nearly every organ in his body and has even had his hamstring tendons cut because he couldn't bend his legs properly to sit in a wheelchair.


His spine is the most horrifically subluxated spine I've certainly ever seen and in all likely hood the worst I've ever heard of. His pelvis is rotated and tilted at an impossible angle, his lumbar spine is bent at a 57 degree angle to the left, and between the upper lower back and his upper mid back region( L1 and T9), it actually bends DOWNWARDS by an angle of 93 degrees. Then there is a hair pin turn between his lower mid back and upper back (T9 and T3), several more smaller angles between his shoulder level and upper neck region (T3 and C1). Laterally his spinal curve is bent in reverse ( cervical kyphosis) and a severe hunch back (thoracic hyperkyphosis).

He was told by the surgeons to go home and wait to die. He'd visited 3 chiropractors who all refused to touch him and said it was beyond their ability to help.

He lives a 90 minute drive from my office and even before anything happened, he'd committed to coming to me 3 times per week for a heck of a long time. His parents look haggard and emotionally spent and his athletic identical twin brother lives with guilt over being healthy.

While performing my examination, I had the confidence that this would be one of the miracle cases we all have at one time or another and I would be able to give him some degree of comfort, or at least make him able to breath on his own. He then had his x-rays and a report of findings was scheduled and he left.

While I was reading the x-rays and trying to decide how to adapt my technique to adjust him, I felt my first twinge of doubt. It then escalated into overwhelming doubt and I started to try to think how I could tell this poor kid and his parents that realistically I didn't think much could be done.

Fortunately, I had an afternoon off, and went for a long bike ride followed by a run, with more pushups than I've ever done in my life, all the while thinking of nothing but this brave young man who makes all obstacles I've ever overcome look so small. I got myself back into the zone and erased all doubt.


After his first adjustments, he was almost immediately able to wiggle his toes. Keep in mind, he'd NEVER voluntarily moved his feet IN HIS 21 YEAR LIFE. Also, his voice, after a few coughs, almost immediately changed. I know that there is no such thing as a "normal" voice, but the difference was mind boggling.

When they came in for the second adjustment visit 2 days later, his father told me that he'd sat up straighter in his wheel chair, felt more comfortable and was able to swallow his food without pain.

I adjusted his pelvis, lumbar and thoracic spine and lastly adjusted his upper neck.

What happened next was unlike anything I've personally ever witnessed. He gave a sputtering cough and a few seconds later began BREATHING ON HIS OWN for the first time since he was 5 years old.

And as if that isn't enough reason enough to celebrate, after a few minutes, he realized he was able to make full circles with his feet (rather than just wiggling the toes.)

All I can say is that if this is what happens when all hope is lost, imagine how much good you do your own body and your patients when all things seem 'normal.' Never EVER lose sight of the POWER of the adjustment and the POWER that each and everybody has to heal when interference is removed.

On a side note, the young man's father then went to their MD and told him what had happened. The MD told the father that chiropractic care is a waste of time and that they'd been deceived by a con artist.

If you are having moments of doubt in practice or in life, here is one of my new favorite quotes from the movie Robin Hood (the one with Russell Crowe):

"Rise, and rise again, until lambs become lions."

Have a great day everyone!


Dr Rob Hutchings

Adelaide, South Australia





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