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His General Level of Contentedness Changed

My son Matthew was nearly three years old when he began to develop a stammer. My wife and I were told that this was fairly common for children of this age, especially boys and that it would probably pass. I happened to mention the situation to my chiropractor and I asked him whether there was anything chiropractic could do to help someone with a stammer.

I was told that although chiropractic could not directly help eliminate a stammer, removing sub-luxations may help someone better deal with the situations where the stammer appeared. My chiropractor explained that the adjustments for a three year old would be quick and painless but that my son would need quite an intense series of adjustments before any results would be seen. I relayed the conversation to my wife, who also visits the same chiropractor and the next time I had an appointment with my chiropractor I took my son Matthew along.


I took Matthew three times a week for the first two weeks then reduced the frequency so that he now visits the chiropractor once every three weeks whenever my wife or I visit. At first there was no change in Matthew’s stammer but after about three weeks there was a noticeable reduction in his stammer.

What was most surprising was not the improvement in Matthew’s speech but his general level of contentedness. Before Matthew was adjusted for the first time he would frequently become fixated on something and would be incapable of letting it go. Matthew would get so worked up about it that he was inconsolable, crying to the point where he was hyperventilating and the only way he could move on was to put himself to bed. This happened so frequently that it just became part of our lives.

It wasn’t until Matthew had been adjusted by a our chiropractor several times that my wife and I noticed that since being adjusted Matthew had not once become fixated to the point of tears. That’s not to say he no longer got upset, rather he was able to be distracted and to move on without getting so worked up.

I don’t know whether Matthew’s improved behaviour is a result of the reduction in his stammer and the corresponding ability to better express himself or whether being adjusted by our chiropractor is just generally helping him feel better and at the end of the day I guess it doesn’t matter; we’re just grateful that Matthew is a much more contented, well-adjusted child. What I do know is that the vast improvement in general behaviour we’ve witnessed in Matthew exactly corresponds to the time we began taking him to see our chiropractor.

We consider his improvement post chiropractic care a minor miracle!!

Susannah Mulligan
Wembley, Western Australia


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