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From Dysfunctional Family and Failure, to Success
By Dr Larry Markson

I have a story to tell that may not impress you but it sure as heck got my attention.

I like many of you, was raised in what is known today as a dysfunctional family, an authoritarian father, a mother that was a guilt giver,  hardly the nurturing and loving support system that  a child would have selected had they have had the choice or the chance to pick parents that would guide them in more positive ways.

Anyway, despite the way I was raised, I graduated from college, became a chiropractor,
went on and got married, and had two children. Then, here I was at 29 years of age and nothing was working in my life, my marriage wasn’t working, financially I was doing poorly, my practice was lousy and I didn’t have a very good self image.  

Then I went to a seminar, never having been to one before, something about positive thinking and motivation, I was literally dragged there.  And at that seminar a miracle happened to me, I walked in one person of 29 years of age, really, really at the bottom of the barrel and I walked out with a concept, an idea, a pathway, that if other people could be successful, healthy and happy then so could I.  And I learned from that day on, that if I started to write goals and read books, listen to CDs, meet with people who could pick me up and nurture me and encourage me to move on I trained my mind and I visited people for years and years, and before I turned around and looked at it, I was a different person, a completely different person within 3-4 years.


Then I went on to build 3 or 4 large successful businesses and I spent the rest of my life believing that helping other people succeed, be happier, get a self image then someone totally failing in life and then being successful, and sharing that with others

When we say ‘expect a miracle’ WOW! I didn’t expect one but I got one anyway.

Isn’t it wonderful that nature takes care of us, so I encourage you to ‘expect a miracle’  to ‘think big’,  to write some goals, do some affirmations, let go gracefully from stale relationships, surround yourself with nurturing and uplifting people and know there’s a plan for you that can lead you to health, happiness, wealth, success and fulfilment which I think is the entire key

Dr Larry Markson
Boca Raton, Florida, USA




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"Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin"
-Cherie Carter Scott



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