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Week 4,  2008

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It was routine day in my office as I was busily adjusting patients while being shadowed by a senior chiropractic student, days away from graduation. We zipped from room to room checking and adjusting patients, turning on their life force. It then was time to go down the short hallway to the new patient room and consult and examine a patient about to start chiropractic care in the office. My usual practice is to not allow students to observe me with new patients to ensure the first time client is not overwhelmed. chiropractic1
This time something inside me guided me to invite the young aspiring chiropractor in to observe with the new patients approval. He jumped at the opportunity and the exam was going smoothly, a seemingly routine case of headache and lower back pain. As chiropractors do not focus on symptoms I set about doing a comprehensive spinal analysis for subluxations.

As this young lady arched her back into extension I found this motion very rigid and restricted. The words fell out of my mouth. "You have problems with your cycle and reproductive organs don’t you?’ The new patients jaw dropped as did the observing student. She answered somewhat embarrassed, (perhaps because she hadn’t recorded it on her new patient history), I have terribly irregular periods and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 years.
mother and child Could you help this problem? I responded without hesitating, “absolutely!” We finished the exam and took some x-rays and found major subluxations in the upper neck and pelvis.

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