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  • Jack Canfield... "Reading Unexpected Miracles made me smile over and over again. I know it will do the same for you. Life is full of miracles. When you expect them, they occur more often... this book will help you create more of them in your life."
  • Dr John Demartini... "One of the benefits of Dr John Hinwood's journey is reflected in his excellent writings, which bring individuals hope, and most definitely a collection of facts, more than just one of fads... he shares a life full of miracles."
  • Mark Victor Hansen... "Having read You Can EXPECT A MIRACLE… The Book To Change Your Life I have only three words for this book. I loved it!"
  • Irena Yashin-Shaw PhD... "If you ever have the opportunity to have John speak to your people or at your event, just grab it. He will literally hand you a miracle. Thanks for everything John."
  • Charles "Tremendous" Jones... "Dr Hinwood's life is filled with miracles because of his great level of expectation. His life of miracles has blessed the lives of thousands around the world because he never sought miracles for selfish reasons."
  • Amanda Vaccaro... "John's 'Expect A Miracle' cards ushers the dimension of possibility and invites each individual to be open to receive from this dimension. This card is now my trigger for daily expectancy and gratitude for wonders and miracles."
  • Dr Brian Kelly... "John has a rare gift of being able to communicate ideas and principles through stories and to empower audiences. It has often been said by participants that they felt he was 'speaking directly to them individually'."

Miracle Story


Ian Clark

The Expect A Miracle Card Is Still Working

Submitted into: Miracles of Hope Category,

On: 2017-11-23 17:54:33

I want to say thank you for your Expect A Miracle card. I carry one in my wallet all the time, two in fact.

Before leaving for a few days in New Zealand I was emptying my wallet of all the cards I would not be needing in New Zealand. The two Expect A Miracle cards came out along with the rest. I remember looking at your cards and    I put both of them back into my wallet, something inside me told me I should.

For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to track down an old friend of mine from University days in Christchurch. We used to fly private planes together. I lost contact after I moved to Australia but always considered my friend Ben to be a special person in my life and often thought of him, but we did not stay in contact.

I called every Ching in the Christchurch phone book. I could not find him. There were several references to him on the web because of the software company he owned but this looked like it had closed. All listed phone numbers were disconnected.

The old company records on the web referred to some addresses that looked like home addresses. They were less than 15 minutes from our hotel in Christchurch. It was about 9:00pm at night, however, something kept telling me to try these. I had flown several 1,000 miles to be here, and it would be very poor of me not try to connect with him when I was so close. So instead of going to bed I jumped in the car. The first address was a business centre and I did not see the name of his company anywhere.

I went to the last address. This was a block of about 3-4 units. It was now about 10pm on a Sunday night. The lights were off on the first two units. Not good I thought, I could not see the unit numbers on the various units. I also wrestled with the thought, should I be knocking on doors at 10pm at night, waking people up randomly.

Luckily I could see some feet through the fly screen of an open door. A young teenager was taping away on his Ipad. I asked him if this was Unit 3. He said no that is next door. I asked the million dollar question, does Ben Ching live there? He said YES!

I looked at the Unit next door, the lights were on. I knocked and Bens wife opened the window next to the door. Ben was asleep, she was only up because the next door neighbours cat was missing and she was concerned. Is that a miracle in timing or not!

I caught-up with Ben the next day.


Ian Clark, Brisbane, Qld, Australia