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Miracle Story


Ira Winston

Her Wish in Life Was to Find Peace

Submitted into: Miracles of Family Category,

On: 2017-07-26 07:27:56

I thought I might get into touch and let you know that my dear Mum, who would have turned 99 on 20 June this year, completed her long life at 10:30 yesterday.

I am letting you know, because throughout this week when I sat with her every day, sometime from the wee hours in the morning till late at night, I had an "Expect A Miracle" card sitting on the top of her bed head.

People often say how sorry they are when they hear that someone has lost someone they love. Generally this is very well meaning and those who are bereaved may even feel some solace in the additional care and support that feel at that time. Many I have encountered have been lovely and I am grateful to them.

I spoke to you last when I discussed getting Mum into a home when she stopped walking. The one I settled on was Pine Lodge. My first Miracle was getting Mum a place in a facility that had long been on my favorites list and one I thought I would need to wait for.

Some three months later, it appears that Mum took the decision to prepare herself to meet her Maker. On Monday of this week I met her at the QE2 Hospital and upon seeing her, I decided to not allow any further interventions and to stop allowing any form of pain to be inflicted on my Mum in the name of "preserving her life" . I had her taken back to Pine Lodge where she commenced a period of palliative care. I knew her time was apparent.

As I sat with Mum from early morning to late at night, I prayed with her and I spoke to her. Although her eyes were closed and she could no longer speak. She could nod or shake her head. Most importantly, if anything went near her mouth, after I got her back from the hospital, she would stubbornly close her mouth so that nothing would be consumed, food or water. She was always stubborn!

Mums great wish in life was to find peace. It was, therefore, my resolve to see her attain that wondrous state of utter contentment before she left me and continued on to another more illustrious journey where pain is not on the menu.

Some saw the card I had placed atop her bed and maybe thought, "Yes, Jean has emulated Lazarus quite a few times. Will it happen just one more time?" My thoughts and prayers differed from this. The Miracle I wanted for my Mum was profoundly more simple.

She needed to be at peace and she had decided to do this on her terms.

As the days went by and turned into nights and winter then drew nigh, I noticed a calm descend upon my Mum. As I sat with her and chatted to her, as we so often did and I prayed for her, she was become more peaceful and hour by hour, the pain she had long suffered just left her aged body. For the last few days we didnt even need to give her the small doses of Morphine that had been so helpful earlier. It was important to me that she remained in charge of her destiny. I was with her throughout and I would stay.

On Thursday I got the strong feeling that she may give it up and go to God at 10:30pm so I stayed till 10:45. I felt confident then that she would wait till morning. Each night before then when I went home, I would ask her if she would wait to see me in the morning. At 5:30 or 6:30 the following morning when I arrived, she was waiting.

Yesterday when I arrived, I could see her breathing was laboured. I knew then she was preparing to leave. I called the priest and then I called my brother and asked him to come and visit. I simply told him Mum wasnt that flash. He told me he would come after peak hour traffic and arrive around 10. I knew that was safe.

A little while later and after the hour passed 6am in Perth, I called my sister and invited her to say goodbye on the phone. Mum. Thankfully it had been Mums desire to not include Michele at the end and this was indeed a prudent choice.

Within 15 minutes of the clock striking the signal that 10:30 was upon us, I sat, alone, with my Mum and started to pray. At 10:30 I watched her draw her last feint breath and we both felt that sense of the most wonderful calm. I completed my prayers and then called the Nurse who confirmed that Mum was ready to enjoy her eternal peace.

I hope by now you can see my miracle that I felt when I was blessed with Mum to see her at peace and to also know that, together, we had exactly the right amount of time to prepare for this momentous period in Mums life, and indeed my own.

I will see you both again sometime soon. I wake up each day with "Expect A Miracle" as a guiding thought, and so often I get them. Funny how you never really know what that Miracle will be. I see it as God fulfilling the needs we really have, not just those things we want.

Enjoy the smiles you create today


Ira Winston, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia