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Miracle Story


Renee Coltson

The Speeding Ticket Miracle

Submitted into: Miracles Of Self Category,

On: 2011-04-11 22:44:01

Last October while driving into Los Angeles I was stopped for speeding in Indio.   I had my miracle card right on the dash so when the officer took my documents I went into "I could use a miracle now" !!!  The officer came back and gave me a ticket without any consideration of dropping the speed a bit, but let me off on the fact that I had no documents for proof of insurance or registration.  Ooops.  Not really a notable "miracle" but off I went.


Before I go on I would like to mention that when I share the miracle card I say the universe is abundant with them so allow them to flow please.

After about 30 minutes I rounded a curve on I-10 past San Bernardino, and suddenly and out of nowhere there was nothing but brake lights in front of me in all lanes.   I had stopped speeding once I got that ticket earlier by the way so I was travelling at the speed limit or safe speed for the traffic conditions now.

Even before my foot hit the brakes I knew that I was not going to be able to stop in time.  I was driving a  pickup truck with a large trailer behind me (massage tables for The Reconnection's upcoming seminars).  The thought was after realizing I could not stop, was someone was going to die.  As these thoughts were running thru my head and I am in a state of what seemed stillness, my head turned to the left and I saw nothing but empty space (dark) and my truck literally moved over with grace and ease.  


You know when there is a traffic jam and something like this seemingly upcoming crises, one would look to see what was the cause of the stopped traffic.  I do not know or even remember noticing anything to do with the stopped traffic just the realization that I was moving in grace and ease and continuing my drive.

Ahhhhh!!!... when I paid that traffic ticket for $550, I was actually grateful for the traffic cop who at least brought me to a responsible speed.  

If I had not been stopped for speeding and had to take a breather to contemplate a miracle, perhaps there would not have been one.  Thank you officer for giving me the speeding ticket, you were a life saver that day.

Renee Coltson
Cave Creek, AZ , USA