My Rock of Positive Focus

My Expect A Miracle card gets me through many moments in my day. It is my "Rock of Positive Focus". I feel that when I adjust my focus and align my thoughts with the mantra, ‘Expect A Miracle’, that positive things do happen.

I take it with me to look at before appointments and always come out with an awesome result, especially when meeting with very difficult clients.

I have given it to my staff and they tell me stories of how they have the same result. Even in my personal life I know that it helps me get through the harder days, and for that I am truly grateful.


Thank you John & Judy.

Andi Adams



This volume is full of stories that reflect the best qualities we share as human beings. The messages that are shared in the stories by Dr John and his friends from around the world dig deep into individual’s courage. They explore their positive attitudes that bring about change in their lives. Unexpected miracles can happen anywhere in life. Look in the likely and unlikely places to find your miracle.
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A No-Strings-Attached Gift for You and Yours from John at EXPECT A MIRACLE

A No-Strings-Attached Gift for You and Yours from John at EXPECT A MIRACLE Your personal copy of my new book, You Can EXPECT A MIRACLE… Yes YOU Can, just because I care.

Following the success of my earlier book, You Can EXPECT A MIRACLE… The Book to Change Your Life, I have once again tapped amazing stories that will touch your heart, bring a tear to your eye, make you laugh, give you ways out of challenges, and show you that anything is possible.
The 175 pages are filled with special stories from contributors in ten countries around the world.

This book is given to you ‘re-print rights free’, just because I can.

Please feel free to email this book as a gift to family, friends, colleagues, clients, customers and anybody else who can use a good dose of miracle stories.

Miracle Saying

“Become fearlessly present in the moment by expecting a miracle"

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