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Eat Unlimited Junk Food

I am going to share with you one of my favourite miracle stories. It’s about a 7-year old girl, which accidentally is the same age my daughter right now.
Her mother was a school teacher and came to see me and as I began to work with her. She would often bring her daughter with her. I noticed that the girl was very, very small for her age, very slight. She was a beautiful, very fun, very gregarious young girl and we often joked around together a lot. And she had very strange curled up little hands.
I was noticing it but was sort of waiting to get a little bit closer or be told something about it. Eventually, one day her mother came in without her and I said to her mother that I had noticed her daughter’s very small hands, that she is very small, and that I thought she should bring her in because I would like to check her.

I used to walk through a cemetery every day to and from my office, and it was my gratitude walk. When I walked to work it was the gratitude for what I was about to be able to do in practice, and when I walked home I would think about the work that had occurred in the practice that day. As I walked through the cemetery one day, I just had this inner voice saying to me that I had to check this little girl. I very often don’t listen to this voice but for whatever reason I spoke to her mother and said I needed to see her daughter.

The mother said they had tried chiropractic before.  I said she might have tried chiropractic before, but not all chiropractors do the same thing, I don’t know how long you went or who you saw, but I have had some training in paediatrics and nutrition, and this woman said that her daughter went for months at a time. She gave me the doctor’s name and this person was a long-standing practitioner who could out-chiropractic and out-adjust me, and one of my mentors. And this did not make any sense that he didn’t see any change at all. But nonetheless I asked the mother for me to check the little girl. I said why don’t you let me check your little girl. If I don’t find anything there is no charge. But if I do find something – there’s just something telling me that I need to see her. She was still sort of hesitant, so I said if we don’t get a change, you don’t pay, how does that sound. She said she could not ask me to do that and I said she was not asking me, I was asking her to do it.

She brought the girl in. Her little girl had a lot of issues, especially her cervical spine or neck region. I said well, I know the chiropractor you went to is an excellent chiropractor so what I can tell you is that there is some kind of stress going on in your daughter’s life that has caused her to get back into this state.  It was a challenge for me, because they had genuinely tried chiropractic before.

This is really when I first started to develop my wellness concept of eat well, move on and think well. I thought that if this little girl wasn’t eating, thinking or moving properly there was no way that the adjustments were going to have the same effect. I remember sitting down with the child. I asked what her patterns were and some other things. Eventually I found out this little girl’s diet wasn’t average, it was terrible. It was full of sugar, dairy, wheat and all sorts of other not good things.

And I remember saying to her “I want to ask you something”. She said, “What”? I said, “Is it possible that one day a week you can eat as much junk food as you can get into your body. If you get sick, that is even better. I really want you to eat a lot of junk food.” Her mother was horrified and the little girl was ecstatic. She said, “I can do that, I can do that any time”.

I said, “Good, unlimited”, and she said yes.
But on the other six days I said to the little girl and to the mother, that I wanted her to remove wheat, sugar and dairy from the diet. She said “How can I do that?” I said that I could help her with the shopping and I could help with everything.  I just want to try this.


The background is that this little girl had not had a bowel movement without laxatives since she was an infant. She had been on laxatives all her life.

Clearly my adjustments were not as good as the previous doctor she had, I am absolutely certain about that. But with her eating this junk food once a week, within four weeks of adjusting this little girl she started having normal bowel movements, and never ever required a laxative again.

I remember on her first or second visit one of my patients baked huge organic cookies, and I brought in a whole bag of those cookies and asked her if she could eat all of those in one day. She said she would give it a try, and apparently she got through all of them.

After all of this happening it was what you would call a miracle. It wasn’t a miracle at all, it was physiology. Her body was so busy dealing with all of these other stresses so that her body could not respond to the chiropractic adjustments. One of the great lessons for me was that it taught me a huge lesson about lifestyle and the importance of it.

Months later the little girl came in for an adjustment and the mother said “Go ahead and tell him”, and the little girl said “I just want you to know that I want to be a chiropractor”. My chest was out and I thought it was so wonderful, and before her mother could stop her she said, “Because all you have to do is joke around all day, you don’t have to work”. Her mother was horrified, apologetic and red faced. And I said, “Are you kidding me”, that is the greatest compliment I have ever had in my life. Because you see that I don’t work. That I come into this office each day to do what I love, so I don’t have to work.”

It taught me two great things. The greatest things we learn are from children. The first thing is that adjustment by itself is not going to overcome problems caused by lifestyle.

The second thing it taught me is that if you love what you do, then people notice. Adults may not see it but children certainly do.

I guess that is my miracle, and the reason it is one of my favourite is that it involves a little girl who is the same age as my daughter is now. She confirmed so many things that I had been thinking about, and she got to have a miracle, and I had got to have a miracle.

Dr James Chestnut, Victoria, BC, Canada




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