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Ive Had The Run Around

In my job I worked in an administration role where I was using a computer almost all day every day and I am not sure if I was in an ergonomic position as we never had this checked.  

I was constantly holding just under my right shoulder, my husband was massaging this area almost every evening and telling me it may be inflammation from constantly using the computer (RSI); but I just put up with the pain.

In late 2007 I had this awful headache at the back of my head, it felt like a knife was stuck in the back of my head. I thought it was my eyesight that was causing the pain so I went and had my eyesight checked and that all came back as normal and no sign of cataracts.

I then decided to go to my local doctor. I explained to him as above that I was experiencing this awful headache. Without any examinations he decided I was suffering from stress and put me on a course of anti depressions which did not agree with me.

At this time I also felt a dragging pain in my nose and also noticed that my hearing had deteriorated a bit as well. Although I was wearing one hearing aid at the time, I went to get my hearing checked only to discover that my hearing in my non hearing aid ear had deteriorated a lot.

I went back to my doctor and requested that I go to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and also have an MRI on my head and also have some blood tests. All the tests came back normal.

I did agree with the doctor that some of my symptoms were stress related as I was upset that my Mam had just passed away in Ireland. I was on tablets for the stress for a short time.

I was still not improving with the treatment he had me on and I requested that he send me to a neurologist, and although he did refer me to this specialist he insisted that I was still suffering from stress.


I went to the neurologist and he diagnosed me with a viral infection not specifying what kind of infection. He prescribed Epilim and Naprosyn tablets.
I was taking the tablets for approximately nine months, and the headaches were gone; I did not know myself. My doctor kept insisting it was stress that was causing all my concerns, so I decided to change doctors. At this time I did not need to go to a doctor as I had weened myself off all medications and felt quite healthy.  
Change of work task.

I went from administration to the warehouse floor in the kitchens department at work and this area required some heavy lifting.

On the 2nd November 2009 I arrived at work feeling good, one hour later I got this sweaty feeling come over me and I blacked out. My employer called an ambulance and when the ambulance people tried to sit me up on the stretcher I would black out again. I spent two weeks in hospital and twice during my stay in hospital I had blackouts.

In hospital I developed this awful pain at the back of my head and all down the right side of my neck and shoulder blade. It felt as if it was on fire. At the hospital some tests were done (MRI on my head, an ultra sound on my neck and a MRI on my spine) as well as blood tests and all the tests came back normal.

Even after all the tests I was still sitting in the bed with an icepack on my shoulder and head and my doctor in the hospital said that they could not find anything and he wanted to discharge me.

My husband was there at the time and pointed out that I was getting dizzy, but the doctor said he could have sent me home on the second day and I was mad: in other words he thought I was faking the dizzy spells.

I went home the next day and I was taking Naprosyn that the doctor had prescribed for me until I could see my new local doctor. The Naprosyn was helping relieve the pain in my head and neck but I was still no closer to knowing what was causing my pain and dizzy spells.

My pain had got so bad that I started to experience pain in the back of my eye and ear and still down my shoulder and the dragging pain was also back in my nose. I also found my voice changing when I talked for a while.

I requested to my new doctor that he should refer me to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist as it had been three years since I went to the last one, and when he examined me he said that  he could not find anything wrong either.

I went back to my local doctor who suggested that I try physiotherapy and I did go to a physiotherapist, and by this time, the dizziness was full on. I could not drive or go out on my own and had to take time off work. I was so desperate that I even went and had acupuncture, but still no relief in sight.

I was then referred back to a neurologist who diagnosed me with having a viral infection once again and prescribed Naprosyn and Epilim for me to take. I was not improving even with taking the prescribed medication and I requested to the neurologist to send me for an MRI on my neck as I was still in a lot of pain and still getting dizzy.

When I went back to the neurologist he mentioned that the MRI showed that I had a mild touch of arthritis in my neck and suggested that I go and see a rheumatologist and that he could not do any more for me and could not explain why I was getting the dizzy spells.

The rheumatologist said that the arthritis was not that bad and I asked her if she could explain why I was getting the dizzy spells. The comment she made was that all people react to pain in a different way. I was not impressed with that answer as I was still in a lot of pain and still getting dizzy. My anxiety was creeping back as I was starting to panic , so I asked my doctor to put me on a milder dose to help me cope with all the negativity I was  getting all round me.

When I rested and did not move my arms and head around too much I was okay, but when my head was down too long like when you are reading a book I got the dizzy spells.

In August 2010 when I had nearly run out of options a chiropractor visited my workplace and I decided to go and have a chat with him to see if he knew what might be wrong with me.

I visited his consulting rooms and as I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was a bit nervous on the first visit. Once we sat down and talked of possible causes I felt at ease. He explained, after looking at my X-rays and scans that the causes may be in my nervous system which I did presume was the possible cause all along.


I  commenced treatment with him and it seems that the treatment is giving me some relief and as the treatment is in its early days I will give it time to work; although I am still getting the dizzy spells, they don’t seem to be as severe as before.

I think there may be a little anxiety hanging around still, the headaches, the pain in my neck and behind my ear is still there, but they are not as severe as they were.

The chiropractor did say it could be a slow and long road to recovery.

I am so glad that I finally have someone who is willing to look outside the square and at all options available; to get to the bottom of my concerns.

Theresa Brien, USA




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