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It Was Just A Thought

What I do is to work with chiropractors and to help them understand how to better communicate with patients.
I began chiropractic care in a unique way. I was asked to help write some videos to help explain chiropractic to patients so doctors could play a video tape in their offices to explain chiropractic principles so that they would not have to repeat the same explanations over and over again.

To prepare myself for being able to explain chiropractic to potential new patients I began chiropractic care as a research project. I showed up in this office non-symptomatic and didn’t have any aches or pains or headaches and wanted to find out what it would be like to receive chiropractic care.

So I began care, and I can’t say there was any earth shattering experiences. After all I kind of felt pretty good beginning chiropractic care. I felt maybe incrementally better, but there weren’t any big miracles.


I began chiropractic care soon after getting married, and at that particular time in my life I had no particular interest in – shall we say – extending the genetic lineage, so I got a vasectomy, which is a very common procedure, and life went along quite nicely.

About six or seven years later my wife - who had a history of having fibroid tumours – went to see a gynaecologist who said that he could remove those. There were two ways, either in an office procedure with a local anaesthetic or check in at the hospital with a full blown, you know, day in day out kind of thing. She chose the hospital but couldn’t get in to a hospital for about three weeks.
So after about three weeks she was under anaesthetic and I was waiting in the waiting room for the post-op and her gynaecologist came storming out of the operating room and he came right into my face, “What do you think you are trying to do young man?” I said, “What do you mean?” He said “Are you trying to do get me to do an abortion in a Catholic hospital?” and I said, “No”, and he said “Well, your wife is pregnant” “Really, that’s interesting” I said. But now the concern was that she was under anaesthetic and what to do with the baby and all these things, besides the obvious.


So then we went to the doctor a week later for a sonogram, and yes, there was a baby there. In fact there were two of them. That was kind of interesting and this caused a great deal of interest on the part of the relatives who were wondering whose babies they might be. I went to a urologist to see if I was still shooting blanks, and it turned up that in fact we were using live ammunition apparently.

I started thinking what would have caused this and it turns out that about three months earlier for the very first time since the vasectomy the thought entered my mind about what it would have been like if we had children. It was just a thought - unintentionally.
Eric’s miracle, and he is 24 years old now. That is a miracle.

William Esteb, Colorado Springs, USA


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