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Max is Back

In 1992 I had a 98-year old man walk into my office named Max. He was crippled in every way as many 98-year old people are unfortunately. I wasn’t sure at the time as a practicing chiropractor that there was much I could do for him, because he was so broken down with arthritis he certainly should have been under chiropractic care 50, 60, 70 or 80 years ago, so he could have prevented this entire mess to begin with. But he didn’t, as nobody had told him about chiropractic.

He came in, and he said, “Dr Plasker, can you help me?” I said, “Max, I have no idea, but as long as you are alive and breathing and life is flowing through your body, let’s give it a shot”.


So I started to adjust Max with some very gentle procedures. And within a month Max started to stand up straighter, he started to breath better, he started to smile. All of the pain lines on his face started to disappear, and Max was just displaying a phenomenal change in his life.

As time went on, I saw Max for a year. He was now 99 years old by then. He was like a 99-year old racehorse. He was doing just fantastically well. We adopted him, we loved him.

It was great. And then one day something happened that never happened before. Max missed an appointment. And after every visit coming in and grabbing my hand and thanking me – he would say after every visit, “Thank you, Dr Plasker, thank you”, and he would walk away.

It was amazing to me that he just disappeared without any sign, without any word. So we went looking for him. We tried to call him, but no answers. I tried to find him at his home – no answer. So at 99 years old, we obviously thought that he had passed. So we said a prayer and we said goodbye.

Well, another year goes by. Max is now over 100 years old. And out of nowhere, this time without an appointment, Max literally came walking through the front door of my office. My assistant screamed his name “Max”, and she gave him a big hug. I was at the back adjusting clients. I heard his name; I can’t believe that he is here. I say “Max”. I give him a big hug, and say, “Where have you been?”, and he grabbed my hand.

I looked down at him, he was white as a ghost, his eyes were hollow and he had a tear coming down his cheeks. He looked at me like he had maybe 50 times before with all of his appointments. He looked up at me, and he said “Thank you Dr Plasker, thank you”, and died - right in the reception area.

That’s not the miracle. The miracle is that his spirit was set free instantly. The ambulance came and took him away never to be heard from again. I could not get out of my head to think that this man had got to 100, crippled, broke and alone with nobody, except for the fact that he left this question forever imprinted on my mind that if Max had known that he was going to live to be 100 when he was 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or even 80 years old, how would he have lived his life differently so that he didn’t get there crippled, broke and alone?

So I asked that question to people and started to do research in memory of Max’s legacy and out of that my International best-selling book “The 100 Year Lifestyle” was born. And because of Max, this crippled, broke and alone beautiful soul, his memory is now inspiring people all around the world.

To me that is a miracle, and I feel so blessed to have had Max in my life to contribute that. Expect a miracle.

Dr Eric Plasker
Marrietta, Gerogia, USA




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