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So Many Things Have Changed

Some time ago I fell and fractured my 3rd lumbar vertebra in my lower back. After the fracture healed my GP suggested having massages done by a Physiotherapist. Since I was having real problems with my waterworks and still had a lot of back and shoulder pain, I followed up on my promise to my daughter to see Dr. Mac her chiropractor. I had been a patient of his many years ago and had been contemplating seeing him again before I had the fall.


The immediate relief and light feeling I felt after that first adjustment made my day. Having regular adjustments since has made the world of difference to me, not only has there been a great improvement in my waterworks but general well being as well.

It was my husband who brought it to my attention that my knees did not crack as much as they used to. Dr. Mac was  also working on my Sternum and I am finding I much more relaxed.  I used to get pains starting on my left side going towards the middle of my chest and up my throat, they no longer happen. I used to drink cold tap water and the pain would go away, but it was very uncomfortable and also a concern not knowing if there was something else wrong.

Other improvements I noticed were the head pains, that would last for 5 to 10 minutes disappear and come back. These were happening daily and I have only had a glimmer of one since getting regular adjustments. Things like leaning sideways when sitting used to become extremely painful after about 5 minutes that had been going on for a long time. Tilting my head back and brining it forward again could only be achieved by placing my hand behind my head and pushing my head forward. Now I can move my head without pain and no helping hand. My right jaw used to unexpectedly lock and after the fall it changed to clicking with the slightest movement that too has greatly improved and is minimal when I am eating.

I suppose some of the stuff that was going on made me think it was part of getting older. I am 68 and still working full time sitting in front of a Computer but the fact that so many things are changing for the better show’ s just how powerful Chiropractic is.

Undoubtedly there are changes happening that I may have missed, but I am so glad that I went back to Dr Mac.

Ariste Crews
Perth, Western Auistralia.


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