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My Journey To Wellness
By Russ Howe

Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident of any kind causing a whiplash type injury or trauma to your head, neck or spine?

Do you suffer from headaches, vision problems, numbness in extremities, back pain, ringing in the ears or any other unusual sensations in your body? Many diseases and illnesses can be improved or even diminish altogether.

If so, my journey to wellness might benefit you.

My name is Russ Howe and I am a 46 year old citizen of Mississippi. In June of 2002, my medical journey started when driving a life-size racing car in a NASCAR simulator arena. During a race, I was involved in an auto accident and my head snapped backwards when I was virtually hit from behind. My car spun around several times and I was hit by other racing cars; that is when everything started.

Later that year, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. The MS symptoms I suffered from were vertigo, moderate to severe cognitive problems, loss of vision, debilitating cluster headaches, high blood pressure, numbness in both hands and feet, left leg numbness, back pain numbness, depression, constipation, loss of bowel control and STRESS.

While enduring the multiple MS attacks, I was given these drugs to suppress the symptoms of my many illnesses. Daily I took: Copaxone Injections, Aricept, Paxil, Medrol, Alprazolam, Provigil, Enalapril, Meclazine, Lortabs, and a host of other prescription and over the counter medications. My Insurance company paid approximately $3,500 per month for these medications. MS took it's toll on my body as well as all of the toxic drugs I pumped into myself.


I ended up losing my career in the Auto Collision Repair Industry and my financial security as well. It didn't take long for my savings account to vanish. I was bankrupt. Then I lost my Cobra insurance; no longer could I afford the drugs listed above.

To support my family, we graciously accepted food stamps and unemployment benefits, and we prayed that I could survive without Health Insurance and drugs. My comfortable lifestyle stopped on a dime. SSDI (Social Security Disability) has been my Golden Parachute. I am so blessed.

The side effects of these drugs were depressing me and suppressing many positive thoughts. There is no doubt God was leading me towards a path of Optimum Health and Wellness.

Briefly, I was a Self Help Group leader for The National MS Society. I wanted to learn about this disease and interact with people who were suffering with MS.

I needed to know just what my family would have to deal with in the future. I met many wonderful people who are suffering from this devastating disease. It was very depressing. I refused to put my family through this cruel disease.

I was not satisfied with the outcome that would soon be coming my family's way. At that time I was very confused and my will to live was diminishing. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children, but felt I could no longer offer them anything but heartache and a life-long MS prison sentence.

After months and months of dealing with depression and my MS condition, as well as, my body's rapid decline, I began having suicide thoughts. I felt it best for my wife and children to find another way in life, one that would bring them happiness and prosperity. A friend suggested that I read The Book of Job. After reading the book three times, I found myself naked in my backyard and my fingers clasped together pointing up to heaven.

I prayed these words. God, naked I came in this world and naked I am prepared to leave. Take my life if you must, as Satan is in my head. You know my heart is pure and loves JESUS. Please dear God, illuminate my path. I want to follow your son. I am not worthy to walk with him, but behind, I will follow my Shepherd. I will never drink from his cup as I am not worthy. Please dear God, lift me up from despair and I promise to be a good Steward and honour and believe in you.

The following day, I received a gift that changed my world and my way of thinking forever. While searching the internet trying to learn more about MS, I found a link called The MS Breakthrough As a result of purchasing, reading and researching this e-Book, I have been living a newfound lifestyle for almost 4 years. I have lost 57 pounds, by detoxifying my body, drinking water and eating healthy. Many of my symptoms have disappeared.

I now know the side effects of these drugs were depressing me and suppressing many of my positive thoughts. There is no doubt God was leading me towards a path of Optimum Health and Wellness.

In September 2008, God placed another book in my hands to research and learn from. In this book, I found a major piece of the puzzle that I have been searching for.

I was given a book called What Time Tuesday authored by James Tomasi another one of God's fearless warriors. This book tells about the Upper Cervical area of your spine and is referred to by many as The Mouth of God. These two vertebras house and protect the Brain Stem and is the gateway that controls the brain and all of it's bodily functions.


I made an appointment with Dr Qualls, the only Upper Cervical Doctor within a 250 mile radius of my home. Another miraculous change started taking place in my body and mind.

After taking multiple X-Rays of my head and neck, Dr Qualls discovered that my head was not sitting atop my spinal column correctly. This maladjustment explains the constant ringing in my ears, numerous headaches, even why the heels on my shoes wear differently and why my ears and eyebrows were not even. After receiving one adjustment and 3 months of constant monitoring, I am free from my blood pressure medication and many of my MS symptoms have dissipated and other health issues are easier to deal with.

This breakthrough in spinal and brainstem injuries is now being used to treat many injuries, illnesses and diseases without the use of medications or spinal manipulation. It's possible that an Upper Cervical adjustment might be what is needed to correct your medical issues.

I pray daily for complete wellness, especially to restore my cognitive problems. There is no doubt that my cognitive issues are related to a tearing in a brain blood vessel following the NASCAR simulator accident, however my Spirit tells me I must master Patience. It took several years to create these problems and it will take time for my cognitive skills to return.

I urge you, please call an Upper Cervical Clinic and make an appointment that could change your Life forever. They will take your call promptly and give you an explanation about their services.

Lead me in the right path O Lord, Tell me clearly what to do, and show me which way to turn. Psalms 5:8

After battling this devastating disease, the effects and side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, I am proud to say that my creator himself has given me the strength and desire to overcome my negative thoughts, MS and manage the disease.

To learn more about my transformation you may contact me by emailing howclever@aol.com If you wish to learn more about James and Rhonda Tomasi, email them at ucpatients@gmail.com To better understand upper cervical science or to locate an Upper Cervical doctor, please visit www.uppercervicaladvocates.com.


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