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A Miracle Baby

I am one of the winners of your books in the Tweed Weekly. I wanted to thank you very much for this wonderful book. It arrived today, just when I really needed one of your cards. My sister is the Koala Girl Jenny, who has taken on the job of defending the koalas from the Kings Forest development. She is speaking tonight at the Tweed Council meeting, and I think it will greatly lift her spirits.

My own miracle is a complicated one, starting when I was 5 months , three weeks pregnant. I also had a four year old boy. I got an infection, and basically woke up with 3 doctors telling me I would have to abort my baby, or die. As you can imagine it was devastating and I just wanted to die. The thought of leaving my 4 year old motherless was all that was holding me back. It was then I sent for the minister from my childhood church ( St Andrews in Murwillumbah) and asked what he advised. He said better to save my life. At that point I reluctantly agreed, but put it off for as long as I could while I prayed for a miracle. I prayed that it was it was up to God to help, because the situation was so utterly overwhelming. The thought of deliberately killing my child was unbearable but so was the thought of my first born being motherless.


The next afternoon I went into labour naturally...my best friend had left her two young kids in care ( for the first time) and driven an hour to be with me without knowing what was happening.

My favourite nurse was there also, and they all said it was the most beautiful birth they had ever been too. Contrary to all expectations Frances Carole was born alive, and lived for an hour. I got to hold her and tell her how loved she was. All the time there was an incredible sense of God's being there, and I believe I had a glimpse of Heaven through my daughter.

A year later, I went to a doctor about an unrelated problem. Extensive tests revealed my hormones were out of whack. The doctor asked as an aside, was I planning on trying for another baby because the treatment would be different if I was. I asked did she think it would be difficult?.She said it would probably be very difficult for me to get pregnant again without medical help. Anyway, I said "no, we were OK."

The next day, without knowing about this conversation, my son asked to go to Sunday School. I took him to St Andrews for the first time. He came out and said " I asked God to send you another baby". Within minutes I was craving fish. It wasn't until I found myself in a fish shop half an hour away buying fish, that I remembered I don't like fish. I cannot even stand the smell of the shop...unless I was pregnant. nah, impossible.


By the Tuesday, (Valentines Day), I got up early and did a test. Positive. When they did the scan, they said did I want to know the sex. I said "it's a boy, isn't it" It was . George had specified a baby brother, and I knew God didn't do things by halves. I had to have a bed rest pregnancy, and I prayed a lot. So did the ladies from the Church, who didn't even know me then. When my baby boy was born, every sad experience was given to me in the opposite way. A perfect birth. We couldn't agree on a name till we agreed that the other ones suggestion of "Joel" was perfect. Except I thought it had been his idea and he thought it had been mine. A couple of months later, I looked it up. It means "Ya-wah is LORD".

I say the Lord's Prayer and thank God for him every time I put him to sleep. On his second birthday he looked up at bedtime and said " Thank you God " as clear as anything, when usually he was just babble at that stage.

And he has let me write this - now that is a miracle!

I have been very blessed, and he has enough life in him for 4 kids. As a lady said to me at church the other day," You know I have never seen that kid walk, he runs everywhere, he is so enthusiastic."

Thank you for the chance to tell you of my miracle, and to read your wonderful book.

Bless you for your good work.

Lisa Townsend


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