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In a Turn of Fate

My miracle story involves my first son. In 1995 my first son was born and at birth there were complications with the delivery. He ended up being a very sick baby at birth and events so worked themselves out that we ran into a chiropractor at a day care centre where we were taking our son.


An orthopedic surgeon had said that his hip had dislocated at birth and he would have to be in braces for five years. I didn’t like that idea and I knew that God had something bigger for my son’s health and so in a turn of fate, a miracle if you will, we ran into this chiropractor and I in passing mentioned that my son had a hip problem.

Two days later we were scheduled for an ultra-sound at a leading hospital in Texas. We took our son to this chiropractor who took care of him one evening and then again the next morning as well before we left for the hospital at Fort Worth. When we got to the hospital the ultra-sound technician did his ultra-sound and turned to me and said “So what’s wrong with your son’s hip?” Not being in the medical field at that point I said “I don’t know, you are going to have to tell me”. He said, “We can’t find a problem with this baby’s hip, there is nothing wrong with him”.

At that moment my wife and I knew that there was something great to chiropractic. My wife actually went into the chiropractic profession and began working for the very doctor that we had taken our son to. And I began to get chiropractic care and that end in itself is a miracle, but the miracle for me is that at that moment I had a calling that through the chiropractic profession God was able to call me to do something big and that one chiropractor laying hands on my son and helping him recover lead me into a profession where I now have been able to literally help thousands of people myself and in turn touch other chiropractor’s lives and my candle has lighted the candle of others and then others and then others.

That’s my miracle story.

Dr Jeffrey Cottingame
Durant, Oklahoma, USA



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The list of achievements and awards John and Judy have won individually and collectively in a life time devoted to chiropractic care is endless.