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This Week's Winning Story


Everyday is a Miracle

My name is Derek Gallant from Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia.

I moved here six months ago from Miami, Florida having spent most of the my life living in the north east of the United States. My miracle story is why I am here today.

Until I was 25 years of age, I felt like someone’s miracle story would have to be about some dramatic event that happened in their life, that they were saved or they survived a tragedy but it wasn’t until that point that I realised that every day is a miracle.


I went through a period in my life where I was married, then went through a separation and what I felt like should have been the worst time of my life, where I should have been feeling depressed, I should have been feeling a victim. I met some new people who opened my eyes to what is possible and so I grabbed that opportunity of a relationship ending and I started to create a new relationship with myself.


I took some time to travel as I had never travelled before. I spent a few months in Europe then a few months in Australia then went back to the United States and travelled and realised on the plane coming back from Europe that I could do anything in the world that I wanted to do and now was a great opportunity to really achieve it and so I got off that plane and quit my job and started interviewing everyone I knew as to what was their miracle story and what gave them hope and satisfaction everyday and through that I realised that I wanted to be a chiropractor and I feel that that choice is my miracle and it changed my life.

I now live in Australia having spent 4 years living in California going to Chiropractic College. I met some amazing people through my travels, including my current partner while in Switzerland, and to welcome her and her awesome son into my life has been like living a dream.

That experience, for me, was very soul searching. Ending a relationship that was difficult wasn’t a positive experience and here I am having the time of my life with people that I really love, so I expect and keep on expecting future miracles to come into my life.

Dr Derek Gallant
QLD, Australia


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"Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin"
-Cherie Carter Scott



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