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This story took place in a hospital. One of my staff members, was also a chiropractic patient of mine, and had adjustments every two weeks just for general maintenance and preventive care which is what I like to see but because of several reasons, she got off track.

Several months went by and she didn’t get her regular adjustment. One morning when I woke up before I came into work I received a phone call that she was in hospital.

Her heart was racing, it was extremely high, the beats were so high that they put her into hospital by ambulance, so I went to work and carried on with my day. When I called her husband I found out that he had been told that she could pass away because they couldn’t get her heart under control.


So I went to the hospital late in the evening and saw her in the intensive care unit. It was quiet in the ward, she was laying on the bed, a lot of wires hooked up to her, on the monitor above her head I could see her heart beating very rapidly, nurses were coming and going, so using my hand very carefully, I adjusted her atlas in the upper neck.

Right when I adjusted her atlas one of the nurses came in and saw what I was doing and I panicked again because I wasn’t supposed to be doing this in hospitals.
But the nurse said “Oh a chiropractor, I go to a chiropractor, carry on”, and she walked away.

As I adjusted her atlas I looked up at that monitor and I saw her heart start to normalise. The beating of the heart went from 140 beats per minute to 100 beats per minute to 90 beats per minute to 80 beats per minute and stabilsed there. Her colour came back, she immediately started feeling better. The nurses came around to check on her and within a couple of days she was out of hospital and back to work in my office again.

And she never missed another appointment for her maintenance again.

Dr Tom Potsik
Salt, Milwankee, Wisconsin, USA


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