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Grandma Say It's Her Lucky Charm
By Ann Castillo

My mother called me at work and said while they were waiting for daddy’s appointment at a military hospital, he collapsed in the hall.

A doctor scooped him up and took him inside the emergency room. So far he had been resuscitated 3 times, and he wasn’t expected to make it.


I went home and gathered my family and made the 3 hour trip home. As soon as I got there daddy was laying in a bed with all kinds of tubes coming out of him. I started talking to him, and then mother signed the “Do Not Resuscitate” order.

I got close to my daddy and held open one eye and all I saw was a black pupil, no brown eyes. I kept telling him we had too many Dallas Cowboy games to watch and more Superbowls to win.

A new doctor came in the next morning and said – “What’s this – we will resuscitate!” Even though he was kept alive only by drugs. Everyone else thought he was through, but me. I kept talking and asked for him to squeeze my hand. He did!! I kept talking.


After several days, when we were told he was brain dead, he left hospital with us. I got seven more years with my daddy.

Ann Castillo
Carrollton, Texas USA


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