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Her Hearing Was Returned
By Dr Tom Potsik

One story that I’ll never forget was a 70 year old woman who came to see me with neck pain and when I walked into the treatment room to take my history I noticed that she had hearing aids in both ears and I didn’t pay any attention to it.  She proceeded to tell me her chief complaint was her neck, it had bothered her for a couple of years, she had some trouble moving it, she had some stiffness and it made some crackling noises when she moved it around and she was coming to me to get help for that.


So, I proceeded with my examination and took my x-rays and the next day she came in for the Report of Findings.  I explained to her what I thought what was wrong with her neck and what it would take to help it. I prescribed a series of adjustments for a couple of weeks, twice a week for about six weeks to start with.

I sat her down in a chair and gave her a cervical chair adjustment. It was to the C6 at the base of the neck.  It wasn’t a great adjustment, didn’t make a lot of movement, didn’t make a lot of noise, I would love to claim that it was a terrific adjustment, but it wasn’t my best, so I sent her home and thought nothing of it.
She came back the next day, I walked into the treatment room and there she was standing with a clenched fist.  That was the first thing I noticed and I got scared, I thought she was going to hit me, I had done something wrong I instantly thought. However, when I looked up I saw tears in her eyes and she slowly opened up her hand and when I looked down at it there were those two hearing aids.

And she said, “Doc, ever since you adjusted my neck, I don’t need these any more.  I can hear excellently right now for the first time in about 8 years”.  We both cried about that for a while, it was so amazing, it was the first time I had ever had a hearing improvement in a patient.  I had heard it happen to other chiropractors, of course that is how chiropractic got started, by the healing of a deaf man by the name of Harvey Lillard back in 1895, so that is a story I will never forget, it was a tremendous experience for me.

Dr Tom Potsik
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA




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