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Her Sight was Returned at 83
By Dr Rick Wren

It would be about 11 years ago, I had a lady walk into my practice who was 83 years old and had come in for neck pain. It just so happened that she was totally blind for several years with a problem called macular degeneration, Her description of her eyesight was that it was totally black with a little tiny ring of light around the outside.

Expect a Miracle

I put her through an examination, took x-rays, a nerve scan and in my report of findings, reported where we had found subluxations, spinal degeneration, spinal decay, and reported to her that if we corrected these subluxations not only would it help the nerves on the outside which was the neck pain but it could also help her problems on the inside as well.

I can remember to this day from eleven years ago, she said “Doctor Wren, is there any way this could help my vision”. I said, “Absolutely, it will help your vision. I just don’t know if it will help your vision 10% or if it will help your vision 90%.” Well to make a long story short, we started working correcting and rehabilitating her subluxations and her spinal decay and about six months later, she was sitting on the table and even to this day I even know the time (and I’ll tell you why in a moment). She was sitting on the table as I said, smiling at me as she always did and I walked up to her and she smiled real big and said, “Dr Wren, I didn’t know you had a beard”. And I said, “Are you saying”, and she leaned over and looked past me and there was a Dallas Cowboys clock on the wall 6 feet behind me and then she looked at the clock and said “Is it 3.35?” I turned to look and it was exactly 3.35 and I said “It is exactly 3.35, how long have you been seeing?” She says “Oh, a couple of weeks.” “A couple of weeks”, I said, “How come you didn’t let me know”. “I don’t know,” she said.

Well, I got to thinking about it a little bit later and I thought, if you’ve been blind for several years, with people doing all your business, when you start seeing again, you might just want to check them out to see what they have really been doing and make sure they have been really telling you the truth.

Expect a Miracle

When I tell this story to my patients, they get a big laugh out of it, but this lady still comes in and it’s 11 years later and she is 94 years old now and she still sees. Her vision never improved to the point that she could read a book but she comments on the colour of my clothes, how pretty a colour is. I can tell you this, she is so thrilled that we crossed paths and I am so thrilled I am involved in chiropractic to see these miracles and I just wanted to share this story with you.

Dr Rick Wren

Sherman, Texas




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