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The Winner of the Readers` Choice Story of the Week
Congratulations Louise Monaghan

Your Story "Expect A Miracle Lou " has been chosen as the Winner of the Readers` Choice Story of the Week.


This Week's Winning Story


Expect A Miracle Lou
By Louise Monaghan

I am sure that you would remember me Louise Monaghan who worked with Berni for Andrew Bartlett and Malcolm Ritchie (along with a few other chiros) here on the Gold Coast.
I felt I needed to email you to let you know that today while wandering around Tweed City looking in the book store I came across this familiar face and name ......yours!!!! I had to have a giggle ... gee I know him I thought. So of course I had to buy your book.


I would like to share with you my experience of "Expect a Miracle".
On the 14th June last year my beautiful soul partner of 10 years Eddie committed suicide here at home. This for me and the boys Josh & Jordy was a TOTAL shock. We never saw any signs that Eddie was depressed let alone suicidal.  
Over the weeks of Eddie passing I had so much support from many friends and family, I was amazed at how much people really cared for me, the boys and for our darling Eddie.
I received many beautiful cards with lovely caring words, then one day I get this particular card .....on opening it before I could even see who it was from there was this white card with big blue writing saying "EXPECT A MIRACLE"!!!! Expect a miracle I thought...... my miracle would be for Eddie to walk up the drive way right now!!!!.  

On reading the card that was written with so much compassion and love, it was signed "from, your friend Berni Ireland". I laughed .... typical I thought of Berni and isn't that just what I need.
So I took this card and placed it in a photo frame which has a picture of Eddie and I that sits in our bedroom. Every night before I go to bed I look at the photo and say "Expect a Miracle Lou" and every morning when I wake up it's the first thing I see too.  
Well miracles have come my way John. I am surviving the most tragic/traumatic thing which has ever happened to me in my life. I am working, looking after my boys and living my life that I didn't think I could/ would ever be able to do without my Eddie.  In my deepest darkest times of emotional despair, I look up and I see our photo of us together and read "Expect a Miracle"..... and I will continue to do so...
I bought your book today and I have finished it already...Thanks John it's just what I needed. I am going to recommend it to a support group I belong to. I think it can help many people in shifting their minds. I hope you and Judy and your children are well, my love to you both.
Louise Monaghan .



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