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The Winner of the Readers` Choice Story of the Week
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This Week's Winning Story


A Miracle of Life
By Dr David Jackson

I would love to share a miracle story with you. I have been blessed to see so many miracles that revolve around the power and healing properties of the body.

There is one that stands out in particular for me. I was busy in practice one day, and had a staff member tell me I had a new patient. I ran off to see the new patient and as I pulled out the form from the file holder on the door I saw the patients name and it was a baby because it was on a special form.

There was a line that says reason for visit. The parent had written ‘save my baby’s life’. Now that kind of stopped me in my tracks, I wasn’t expecting that. I walked in the door to find the most beautiful 6 month old girl, all dressed in white, and a pink bow in her hair.


Both her parents just standing over her, motionless. Her father was a former patient of mine whom I hadn’t seen for quite some time because he had moved away. He told me that his baby girl, Bethany was having serious seizures. I put my hands on her neck and she went into a seizure. It seemed like it lasted hours, although it was only a few minutes.

With a tear in my eye, because I have three daughters of my own, I asked how often is this happening. They told me it was happening over a 100 times a day. This beautiful little girl was having these violent seizures. They went on to tell me that she had only a couple of months to live. They said that she was going to die. They only alternative was to have a procedure called a Complete Lateral Hemispherica (where they cut out half her brain in an attempt to save her life). Chances were that she would probably die from the surgery anyway.

Needless to say, I wanted to see what I could do, and the parents had brought her to me in a last ditch effort to see what I could do as a chiropractor.

I did an assessment, I found a severe blockage in her spine from her nervous system so her brain was not communicating with her body correctly. I told her parents the truth that it was going to take some time. I adjusted that little girl 2 to 3 times, every day. During the second week of care, the seizures were down to 10 a day. The third week of care they were down to 1 a day.

Bethany is now about 10 years old and hasn’t had a seizure since those early days of her chiropractic care. And I attribute her healing not to me being a chiropractic, but because of the power within each and everyone one of us as human beings that the power that made the body, can heal the body. When we are in contact with that power, miracles can happen.

Dr David Jackson
Delmore, California  USA



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