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The Winner of the Readers` Choice Story of the Week
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This Week's Winning Story


A Six Week Pregnancy
By Dr Simon Floreani

My miracle story is about a patient of my named Kerry.

Kerry came into my practice with post menopausal problems of back ache, stomach aches, headaches all sorts of problems she couldn’t get under control. She was very proactive in her health.

We x-rayed and adjusted her. We helped with lifestyle and health advice. We cared for her for many years.

One day I was adjusting her and felt a mass in her stomach. I said Kerry I think it’s about time you went to the GP. I was concerned what it was that was growing there. I thought it was something sinister going on. She was in great health, she was into yoga and just finished The Great Victorian bike ride. Except for the fact that this 47 year old had a swelling and aggravation in her abdomen, she was otherwise very healthy.


Off she went to the GP and came back a week later and said, “I am very surprised that I am 17 weeks pregnant and that’s impossible, as not only am I post menopausal, but my partner has tried to have children for many, many decades, with no luck”.

So Kerry at 17 weeks pregnant had her life turned upside down. And was she ever delighted. Her husband was 57 at the time.

She went back for a check-up and had a scan and found out that she was 34 weeks pregnant. So Kerry had a 6 week gestation period as far as she was concerned. She gave birth to a very healthy, happy boy. She had done everything through her pregnancy, rode in the Great Victorian bike ride, done Yoga and now as a 47 year old woman she has a very healthy baby.


This is one of the most amazing miracles I have seen in practice. To see a woman become pregnant and give birth under chiropractic care and at that age.

Dr Simon Floreani
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



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