Story of the Week
"I Would Never Have Made the Wedding"
Dave and Sandy Clayton

Had Dave and I not been seeing a Chiropractor, Dave would not have been able to dance every dance, and I would never had made the wedding.

When Dave and I first met, Dave had such a bad back problem that he was hardly able to lift his legs to climb stairs, bend, sit or stand for any length of time or play a couple of holes of golf (his profession), without being in complete agony. This even after a few years of consulting with doctors who told him nothing could be done.

I suffered from what was diagnosed by doctors as severe migraine headaches, which after twenty yeas of suffering approximately every two weeks, had not let up. Any type of excitement or tension would make me so ill with a headache that I was in bed for twenty-four hours.


A good friend told Dave to go see a Chiropractor which we both did. After a year and a half of treatment, Dave can dance all night long (as evidenced at our wedding) and now can play rounds of golf before even a bit of discomfort.


Regular visits are making his back stronger, and the visits are getting further apart without the need for treatment. I made our wedding without even an inkling of a headache, had a great time, and never felt as good as I do now.

Dave and I both wish we had known about the benefits of a chiropractor years ago. It would have saved a lot of suffering.

Dave and Sandy Clayton
Oakville, Ontario, Canada