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Week 8, 2009

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Story of the Week
"Miracles are sometimes very small. John and Judy sent us a Christmas card which we received today. Little hearts, stars and Christmas bells fluttered to the pathway as Ross and I opened the card, along with, as always, your Expect a Miracle Card. I came inside and looked at the Christmas card more closely. On turning it over, could I believe it? On the back of your card is a picture of an elephant, Thailand's national symbol. "Handmade in Klong Toey Slum Bangkok", it says. Of all the places in the world, your Christmas card could have originated, it was not only Bangkok, but Klong Toey


Last night I was writing my artist's diary, about my latest art work, a very special Thai temple in Sukothai, one I had longed to visit when I lived in Thailand. I lived in Thailand in 1969, and our house was at Klong Toey. 3816 Rama 1V Road, Klong Toey, was our address. The "suburb" stretched to the waterfront on the Chao Phrayra River, where the "slum" is, the origin of the Christmas card. From our window we looked out on to lots of traditional wooden Thai houses where the children played and life unfolded before our eyes the way it has done for years. I used to watch the scene often from our window, the glaring hot sun and heat so foreign to me, as much as the life I saw before me.


And yet another small thing, your card, has brought me back in touch with my life, confirming in a way, that I did have this incredible life, that perhaps seems a dream at times. Living a life of movement as a child with my family: my father, an Air Force officer who travelled extensively in his career with us, I have been seeking my own sense of place and "roots". My art work this year has been an exploration, looking for these "roots".

And the miracle: people who have known me, even over 30 years ago, have been coming into my life, appearing at amazing moments of chance intersections in time, confirming for me a life that was exciting, and giving me an anchor in this beautiful place where I live now in the Blue Mountains.

And so another small miracle has happened today, upon receiving your Christmas card. The vibrations of expectation have risen."

Thank you both.
Christine Stickley

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