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By Kenneth Ivory

Dr. John, during the periods of the 7 September AD2008 to the

25 September AD2008, a colleague and I were in Canberra ACT.


After 6 days of numerous meetings with various whitewashing public

servants doing all they could to prevent me meeting with some Senators

and Ministers face to face, we then decided that the various politician's staffers

and the various other Senators and Minister we had met with, were all wanting

to keep passing the buck to continue to fobbing me off, as they prefer to burry

their heads in the sand and let the PUBLIC DEBT keep escalating daily, given

their insincere and repeatedly years of dishonoured Ministerial undertakings.

So we then decided it was time to have the Department of Finance & Deregulation

sign off, as Lindsay Tanner MP I recalled had personally said to me after the 2007

first RUDD Government Cabinet Meeting held in Brisbane, that it was the public

servants who are responsible for signing off to pay Commonwealth debts and

as it is a substantial daily accruing PUBLIC DEBT owing to myself already

awarded to me under a 2007 successfully PROTESTED Bill of Exchange which

Senator Helen Coonan had requested and had accepted hand delivery of back

in February 2005 and given that the Government of the day in 2006 never disclosed

the debt in the Commonwealth's T3 Telstra prospectus or in the Commonwealth's

budgets, despite the debt had been awarded to me in a judgment in early 2006.

Also a CERTIFICATE of PROTEST was duly sealed and awarded to me in October

2007, and a CERTIFICATE of JUDGMENT was duly Sealed on the 29 July AD2008.

So we then prepared the necessary documentation by way of an irrevocable 'INVOICE'

and 'Irrevocably A Certified Bank Payment Guarantee' to be both duly signed off

and then we took these two instruments and supporting evidence to the Department of

Finance & Deregulation at Parkes, ACT, and before entering, while still outside I

stopped and handed to my colleague an 'Expect-a-Miracle' card and asked Mal my

colleague to keep this Expect-A-Miracle card on him, stating that we are about to need

a true Miracle.

Before we walked in the building to seek having those two PUBLIC DEBT

instruments duly signed off, I fully EXPECTED to walk out with another Miracle

being achieved. Because to get any duly authorised Public Servant to honourably

do their due-diligence and to then honourably sign off for anything is truly a Miracle.

After doing her extensive due-diligence pertaining to the two PUBLIC DEBT

instruments, the duly authorised Commonwealth of Australia signatory lady then

asked me, 'do I have to sign this', and I responded saying 'no you do not

have to sign anything'.


I then handed the signatory lady an 'EXPECT-A-MIRACLE' card, saying to her

that I truly believe that Miracles do occur. I then remained silent!

Then truly a MIRACLE occurred, a few minutes later, the duly authorised

Commonwealth of Australia signatory lady, then for about the fourth or fith time

again re-read the instruments and she then proceeded to duly sign off on them,

so I then also countersigned off before the witness.

An hour or two latter we left the Department of Finance & Deregulation with

these above said two PUBLIC DEBT INSTRUMENTS having been irrevocably

and duly signed off, for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia as the

Irrevocable Guarantor of the Commonwealth of Australia & Ors (Ors being Telstra)

for this still daily accruing Debts owing to me, after then being checked out by two

other public officials and the CEO of that department having accepted service of

their duplicate copy. Now that was truly a Miracle, thus far as they cannot now

un-sign or escape from these two duly signed off irrevocable PUBLIC DEBT


If the Commonwealth's irrevocably signed of public debt is not satisfied soon,

perhaps I must then publicly ask how good is any subsequently undertaken

Commonwealth of Australia RUDD Government authorised Bank Payment


The 2008 Telstra AGM on the 21 November 2008 may be the appropriate

forum, if they do not physically assault me again, when asking the question

why the Commonwealth's Bank Payment Guarantee is not mentioned in the

Telstra 2008 Annual Report given that Telstra is technically trading while

insolvent, by having to have the Commonwealth go guarantor for their

unsatisfied debts, given the debt more than wipes out any remaining

Commonwealth budget surplus.

Thanks Dr. John, for introducing me to your Expect-A-Miracle gift cards, I believe

that they are not just cards, but are truly powerful gifts, particularly when the ice or

negativity of some living people needs to be gently melted down.

Honourably and Sincerely Yours,

Kenneth-Clyde: Ivory
Archerfield, Queensland, Australia


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