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Her Baby Slept for 18 Hours
By Dr Scott Stephens

A young mother brought in her 12 month old baby.She said I was the last hope of any help.

Her baby had been on 8 prescriptions for antibiotics for ear infection. The longest that baby had slept in 12 months was about 2 hours.

The mother explained that the baby moved all the time in her sleep and when she awoke she would cry out in pain. It usually took about 45 minutes to 1 hour to calm her down, but she always seemed to be in some sort of pain. The GP wanted to increase her doses of antibiotics. The mother said, no not again because it only takes about 5-10 days for another ear infection to return. Her husband is a shift worker at the mine and now has to take sleeping tablets, and she was on a mild sedative to help her stay calm through the screaming.


Her mother travels 12 hours to stay with them 1 week in every month to give them a break.

Well, I did the normal chiropractic history. The only thing that stood out was that the delivery was very long and the baby was stressed and the doctor ended up using forceps. So from day one the baby would not calm down.

So I made her first adjustment on that day and told her to return in 2 days. She came back the next day to one of my other practices, about 1 hours drive from her home town. I was in the adjusting area when I heard a women at the front desk crying. My immediate thought was what was wrong?" To my surprise, it was the client I saw the day before holding her baby and crying. She was overcome with joy because her baby slept for 18 hours (not in a row) and 12 of those hours were sound, no crying, no reflux.


The mother said for the first time in her life that she saw the baby smile at her. I saw her for the next three years before they moved to the coast, but from her first adjustment, it changed the baby's life and the mother's, the father's, their marriage and the grandmother's life.

Dr Scott Stephens



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