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Clearing Emotional Blockages
By Michael Troy

Expect a Miracle

I recently saw a lady who came into my practice with a sore neck and headaches.

After several adjustments she was not improving, in fact she would get a headache after most of her adjustments.

At first, we assumed that was her body releasing tension, however, when it persisted over several weeks, I stopped and checked her for an emotional block or NEC (Neuro Emotional Complex a branch of Chiropractic).

She tested positive.

Through muscle testing we learnt that she had been through a separation where her partner betrayed her and had a relationship with another woman.

This further went back to when she was a teenager and had a negative experience with her boyfriend at the time.

We cleared the emotions of this experience and immediately she felt a sense of ease, which has resulted in no headaches and much less neck tension than she had experienced for years. It was a miracle healing for her.

Dr Michael Troy
Brisbane, Australia...

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