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The Passport Miracle
By Bev Kleinhans

It was early morning and I was packing to fly to Guam. My son and I would leave Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, at 5a.m., the following morning. I asked my husband to get my passport out of the strongbox. He opened the box, but there were no passports. We began a search that lasted throughout the day. By late afternoon we determined we were not going to find them. My husband called Continental Airlines to see if a passport was mandatory or if a birth certificate would suffice. The answer was a firm, "No," as I be changing planes in Tokyo. I called my daugther-in-law Barb in Guam, and gave her the bad news. She urged me not to cancel until it became absolutely necessary. We began going through drawers and cupboards again. I had been praying all day, but was beginning to lose hope. Then I saw my son's copy of You Can Expect a Miracle. I stopped and said, "Lord if I ever needed a miracle, it's now!"
Expect A Miracle - passport
We continued looking, until finally the time came to cancel. I called Guam again to tell Barb the bad news. As we were talking my husband came into the room waving our passports in the air. We had traveled to Alaska earlier in the year and we'd carried our passports in a passport case. When we returned home my husband placed the case on top of the bookcase in the den. We had both looked there, but we were looking for blue passport books and had forgotten about placing them in a case.

I received my miracle and what a miracle it was!

Bev Kleinhans


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