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A Big Move
By William Collins

After graduating from Life University in Atlanta, my wife, two small children and I had moved in with my parents. We were trying to save for our next adventure. I began practicing as an associate chiropractor in Chicago. We knew we wanted to have our own practice, but did not know where. My wife and I were both from the east coast originally and we loved Philadelphia and knew we would do well there. San Diego was another possibility with its appealing weather and lifestyle. Then there was Australia, half way around the world and at the time a fantasy. What to do was our daily discussion, along with how we loved my parents but needed our own space.
cold chicago
Now, for the record I detest cold weather. If you've never been to Chicago during the winter count your blessings. After a few months at my parents the weather was getting colder and we were no closer in making a decision. I don't like recounting all of the stresses from this time but let us just say we were ready for a miracle.

I began talking to a Chiropractor outside of Sydney and things looked promising. I couldn't believe it. We might actually do this I remember thinking. The Doctor actually made a soft offer but it didn't feel right. Moving a family overseas without a feeling of certainty is something I was not keen on doing. During this time I told my wife I really believed Australia was where we needed to move. I did not know how or where but I just knew.

I went to Atlanta for a quick visit and got together with a few old classmates. One of my friends said that two of our classmates were moving to Australia and I should get in touch with them. I didn't hesitate. My classmates told me they were moving to north Queensland. They said the chiropractor they were going to work for had another clinic in which he needed an associate. This opportunity was in north Queensland as well. I told them we were only interested in the Sydney area but thanks for the thought.

During the next few days, we started talking about the prospect of north Queensland. A couple of nights later I found my wife on the computer at 1:00am. She was on a web site which displayed all of the poisonous snakes and spiders indigenous to Australia. She looked up at me and said we must be crazy. A moment later she reminded me we must explore this opportunity. So we spoke with the principal chiropractor and things began to fall into place. He sent me a questionnaire to complete along with other information regarding the clinic. While opening the envelope, out fell an Expect a Miracle card. It was the right phrase at the right time. I now knew the how and where!
We ended up taking that position and thriving in the beautiful Whitsundays. We have since moved to a small seaside town of Pottsville in New South Wales and I am running a successful practice and am a celebrated member of the community. My wife and children are also thriving and reveling in the laid back Australian lifestyle and fantastic climate.

I am so glad that I trusted my intuition and had the self belief to enable me to create a wonderful life.

Dr William Collins
New South Wales

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