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A Boy's First Miracle
Dr Doug

When I was 12 years old I was invited to take a fishing trip with my father and some other men from my church. This was significant to me in at least three ways.

1. A special one-on-one time with my dad which most boys long for. As an only son this was especially true for me.
2. An opportunity to fish on a beautiful lake in the spring when the fish should be biting, and the prospect of being with men doing men's stuff.
3. A Church camp in the wilderness of Oklahoma for men and boys only that included singing, preaching and much fellowship.

The fishing was fantastic with increasingly successful days that went from before dawn to after dark. We could clean the days catch and cook a few fish up fresh with eggs for a late dinner. Finally, on the last day, I caught more fish than my dad did!

fishing with dad, expect a miracle

We slept in a 6-man tent and the men that we were fishing with teased me for years for talking in my sleep saying, I can't make it to shore. My dad woke me up because he knew I was a deep sleeper and all I probably needed was to go to the toilet.

The miracle occurred at the Men's camp, we then attended later that week held in a very remote, rugged, poor socio-economic area of south east Oklahoma. There were approximately 5000 men and boys in attendance. There was no running water so no flushing toilets. It was definitely a visual and olfactory experience to walk into my first twenty-holer. This was contrasted with hearing 5000 male voices singing songs of praise in a large steel tent (structure with roof but no sides). I still get goose bumps even writing this!

The faith miracle happened on the last night when there was an offering appeal to support the local churches. These churches had very little in the way of resources. We had visited a local church the previous evening seemingly in the middle of nowhere and experienced the warm friendly hospitable people. As a city boy, I was shocked to see wild goat served! So I understood that the need of the mountain churches was great.

In response to the appeal I resolved to give the rest of my pocket money, about $2.00. Then the preacher who was leading the appeal asked us to pray. He asked us to step out in faith and double whatever amount we had decided to give. There I was, 12 years old with no resources thus no obvious possibility of doubling. I did not see any way for that prayer to be answered but I prayed for my offering to double anyway. While my eyes were still closed my father tapped me on the shoulder and without saying word, handed me a pack of nickels. When I finished counting there was exactly $2.00!
expect a miracle 2 dollars

Needless to say I was amazed. To me, God heard a simple prayer from a young boy and answered it almost before the words could be uttered. Acting in faith would never be the same again.

Dr Douglas L Herron
Western Australia

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