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Released from Paralysed Fear
By Mark Brown

One of my first patients I treated with NET (Neuro Emotional Technique - a branch of Chiropractic) was a lady who had back pain. She told me she was getting married soon to a guy who wanted to take her skiing in Aspen in the US Rocky Mountains. The only problem was she had a terrible fear of heights and going up in any lift or elevator since a child and couldn't contemplate the idea of going up a mountain in a ski lift. I suggested we try the NET technique to see if we could help. She agreed to give it a go.

Her NEC (Neuro Emotional Complex) we discovered was that she was made to go on one of the fast, high flying rides at the Royal Melbourne Show at age 6. During the ride she became terrified, screaming for it to stop, but no-one heard her.

Later, she started to develop her fear of elevators, lifts and heights. She was totally immobilized with her fear.

After doing the NET procedure with her, I didn't see her for a while and then received a photo in the mail of her on a ski lift in Aspen with her new husband. She included her heartfelt thanks on the back of the photo for the miracle of the new freedom in her life. Being released from her fear which had paralysed her.

Since then, these miracles have occurred regularly in my practice in the last 16 years doing NET. The wonderful side effect of these miracles is the healing happening in my own life as I have been helping others with their NECs.

Dr. Mark Brown

Gold Coast, Queensland
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