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Week 40,  2008

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Story of the Week

Jenny Refused to Give Up

The first time I saw Pearl, she was sitting in her mother Jenny’s lap in my consultation room. Pearl was about 8 months old at the time.

Watching Pearl, there was an obvious problem; Pearl could not move her eyes, could not blink, could not swallow and had no facial movement, not even a smile.

Pearl was fed by a nasogastric tube and her mother needed to regularly add eye drops to her unblinking eyes. Jenny indicated that Pearl had suffered from this facial paralysis since a physical trauma shortly after birth.

Jenny had scoured the medical community for answers; she was told Pearl had Mobius Syndrome, “Dead Face” and that the prognosis was very poor. Jenny should reconcile herself to Pearl having a future of profound physical and mental disability.

Jenny refused to give up.
Moebius Syndrome

Eventually feeling that she’d exhausted all benefit from medicine, sought a Chiropractic opinion.

Neurological assessment indicated injury to several cranial nerves.

Pearl began receiving Chiropractic adjustments three times per week, and continued doing so for over six months.

Within weeks, Pearl began to move her eyes, and to blink.

Within two months, Pearl gave me a smile.

Within six months, Pearl was able to eat and drink naturally, without the need for nasogastric food.

Pearl continued to progress with Chiropractic care; she is now a healthy, happy girl of eight.

Pearl likes to skate board and she plays piano.

Dr Michael Powderly

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