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Week 39,  2008

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Story of the Week
I have been in possession of a little card that says “Expect a Miracle” for some twenty odd years. I expect miracles always, none more so that when I was on a sole parent income and had a son who is great at sport, and played baseball and rugby at a State and National level. The costs were enormous, but I always expected miracles and he never missed out on anything. I have always believed that the universe provides us with our needs (not necessarily our wants) and we have lived life as if we have everything we need.
Expect a Miracle Site Card

My sons are now adults and where I work at a Chiropractic Centre I see miracles every week. Even working there is a miracle for me as I have always believed this is what I’d like to do.
I write out my goals – short and long term – each year and amazingly, I have achieved most of them. I don’t have the Ferrari yet (but that’s maybe because I truly believe I really don’t need it). I feel as if I have everything I truly want – especially good health. We sometimes forget, because we already know, that others need this hope and expectation too, and I must remember to hand more cards out.
Little miracles happen all the time, sometimes we just forget to notice them!
It’s hard to put into words all the little miracles that do occur, but none more so than now, when I look back and see how good life is and it is getting better and better all the time. I had my 60th birthday in April – my sons gave me the best birthday party I’ve ever had.
Have met up with a man I loved 40 years ago. I have renovated my home inside and out in the past 18 months and I suddenly have more money than I’ve had in ages. I am one happy and grateful lady!

Expect a Miracle - Happy  Couple
Rita Johnson
Mansfield, Qld, Australia

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"Most people achieved their greatest successes one step beyond what looked like their greatest failure."

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