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Week 35,  2008

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Story of the Week

Matt Hodgson

I believe that life and practice is about overcoming obstacles to gain positive outcomes. As someone who has faced more obstacles than 99% of the population I can become the ultimate coach and mentor.

I have faced various problems throughout my life including being stuck in a crevasse for 24 hours and nearly freezing to death on the west face of Mount Cook in New Zealand’s southern alps, being born with red hair while being unusually handsome, as well as suffering a spinal cord injury in various order of importance.

It was the experience after injuring my spinal cord in a motor cycle accident in Belfast in 1998 while practicing in Northern Island that has changed me the most. I woke up unable to breathe, communicate or move. Three things that define us as people.

I was unconscious for six weeks, in intensive care for three months and in hospital for over fourteen months. I couldn’t breath for myself, feed myself, talk (due to a ventilator and wired broken jaw) or move. In the next two years I learnt to chunk down my goals. From learning to breathe again, speak again, sit up for more than 30 seconds without blacking out, to getting dressed on my own, learning to drive and adapt to being in a wheelchair. I then began an enormous journey to get back into practice. I literally had to re-learn everything, from my new patient examination to adjusting differently, even to addressing peoples beliefs about what someone in a wheelchair can do.

My journey re-learning my craft as a Doctor of Chiropractic was very different the second time around.

I have accomplished all of this and much more in following seven years. I have adapted my practice to the point where I am running one of the most successful practices in Australia. I ski twice a year around the world; I play tennis, sail and have a gorgeous wife who recently had our first child. Not bad for someone who was not supposed to survive more than 24 hours.

I climbed France’s Mt Blanc in 1996 when I had legs and it’s amazing how much one can accomplish without legs, when your intention is rock solid and you have goals.

matt hodgson

My life is fantastic and it is only because I have adapted to everything that has been thrown at me, overcome it and grown from the experience.

After my accident I became a lecturer in the Centre for Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney for 5 years. I know where new graduates are coming from and the enormous shift they must make to become successful Chiropractors. As with every Chiropractor, but particularly with new graduates, it is all about headspace.

I am not someone who has built a practice on personal flair and personality, as some are able. I have developed my practice through trial and error, perseverance, bloody hard work and some very costly lessons.

My practice now is a place of joy and continual miracles. As a team we feel extremely fortunate to count dozens of our patients as dear friends. We recently went skiing with fourteen of our patients and it is now an annual trip that continues to grow each year. Until you are able to build a relationship like this with your patients I believe you will not have a passion for practice and will remain unfulfilled.

A coach is someone who must lead by example, challenge their client to take action and also inspire them to reach higher ground. I believe that a coach’s job is to provide support to enhance skills, resources and creativity that already exists within each individual. This is what I will strive to do as the next powerful practices coach and mentor.

Dr Matt Hodgson

Nb. This was Matt’s initial application I received on 17 February 2007 for a position as a Coach and Mentor at The Centre for Powerful Practices.

Dr John Hinwood
CEO and Principal Mentor

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