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Week 22,  2008

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"The Big Idea"

In 2002 I set about applying the principles of Bob Proctor's Born Rich Seminar series. At that time I was at a $40,000 dollar a year income and just surviving. I loved my job but working in the under funded human service industry in Australia is frustrating. I wanted to still work with people in need but with a smaller client base.

home with a view

So how did I do this? Let me first tell you about the principles. I had to become aware of my negative subconscious thoughts and how they were defeating my conscious action. I had to conquer impoverishment thoughts buried deep within me and replace these negative thoughts with positive life giving thoughts and words. Whilst I was unhappy with $40,000 per year and believed that I deserved more, I was defeating my ability to reach that. I had to become very specific about how much money I wanted to make and create thoughts, feelings and mind pictures about how my life would be with a 6 figure income. 'The “me” I see is the “me” I will be' was the motto I was applying. I wrote statements in the present tense about me, for example 'I am so happy that I live in such a beautiful home with water views'.
I had to let go of the past thoughts and images about myself that I was holding on to and be a person without limitations. By writing out and reading the descriptions of myself I was building new brain cells. I learnt that when I choose certain 'thoughts' my brain cells are affected; they vibrate and send off electric waves. When I concentrate on those thoughts, I increase the amplitude of the vibration of those cells and the electric waves become more potent. I also learnt that this can be applied negatively or positively...


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Einstein on Miracles

"There are only two ways to live your life . One is as though nothing is a miracle, The other is as though everything is a miracle"

Albert Einstein

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"All purchases are born of dissatisfaction.  No purchase of any product anywhere - impulsive or deliberate - is ever made unless the purchaser is first dissatisfied in his present state."

William Bryngselson

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