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Week 19,  2008

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Relaying this story is important for a number of reasons. First because it became a defining moment in my life but more importantly because it became the cornerstone in my passion for helping people succeed in their lives. My hope is that it will provide you some inspiration in your life to find your true passion-what ever that might be. I love to see people excel; much of that desire comes from years of playing team athletics.

Let me share a quick story about a selfish young man, a severed Achilles tendon and a whole bunch of shattered dreams. Have you ever experienced a traumatic experience in your life only to find a silver lining on the other side?


My first big decision in life was where to go off and play college football. I was very fortunate I played the University of Iowa for Coach Hayden Fry, a great coach, a great mentor. I was starting kicker as a sophomore destined to play professionally after college; breaking records, life was great. We were about to play on national TV that weekend and point spread was two, a lot of pressure on the kid so I talked to a buddy of mine on the golf team. I said, "Steve, the pressure is getting up on me a little bit. I've got to get away for a few hours; let's go play a little golf." He said, "It was raining this morning," and I said, "That's the pivotal word, was raining, not raining now, grass is wet, let's go play."
golf course

We were coming off the 12th green which was way elevated down the 13th tee box and as we came over the top of the hill the golf cart started going too fast. I tapped the brakes to slow us down except the brakes locked; the cart started sliding faster and spun sideways. Now we're coming down the hill sideways faster than you want to be going forward, we get to the bottom and the cart hits a mound; the cart stops, I don't. I get thrown out of the cart, the cart hops on the suspension, bounces on my right foot completely severing my Achilles tendon on my kicking foot...


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