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Week 1,  2008

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Happy New Year
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The Winner of the Readers' Choice Story of the Week (week 1 - 2008)
Congratulations Allan & Judy Lowe
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"Jude's unknown brother"

My wife Judy, at the age of 67 had visited a clairvoyant for a general chat about life, and in the course of the discussion, was told that there was a man somewhere in her life that she should endeavor to seek out. All this was very puzzling at the time and really did not mean very much to Judy or her husband Allan.

Judy was adopted as a 3 week old, and for some reason decided at this stage in her life that she should explore her birth family history, however all she had to go on was her date and location of birth, and of course her adoptive mother and father's details.
Judy and Allan
Judy a few years ago.
Allan offered to assist and started to gather records from the registrar of births, deaths & marriages, which gave some details as to the adoption process all those years ago.
He found the birth mother's details and details of who offered Judy for adoption. We had a name, Doris Jolley who was Jude's birth mother.

With this information, Allan was able to search through further records at the state library, and discovered that doris had passed away some years earlier, so further searching newspaper notices at the time of her passing revealed a death notice placed by Doris's family, indicating that there was a brother that Jude had never known of.

Some more searching of electoral rolls, telephone directories and various other means gave us the name and address of who we believed to be Jude's long lost brother. Was Lawrie Wacket really her brother?.
Jude wrote a letter outlining our discovery to Lawrie offering to make contact if he chose to do so, but expecting that the letter may be viewed by Lawrie as some type of crank approach and discarded without any further consideration.

Jude's birth mother
Doris (Dorrie) Jolly
Lo and behold, the phone rang a few evenings later with Lawrie introducing himself and explaining his thoughts at finding that he had a sister that he never knew existed.. The conversation went on for a half hour or so, with a meeting arranged for a week or so later at the Cuckoo Restaurant in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne.

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