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Week 6,  2007

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"The Journey Begins"

One of my most significant hidden blessings came to me while I was in first grade. This is when and where I was unable to learn how to read and comprehend. I was a left-handed dyslexic. My teacher knew little about ‘learning disabilities’ at that time. I started in the general reading class. Then I was put into a remedial reading class. Finally I was stuck in the dunce class. Here the only other person in the class was Darryl the dunce. At times I had to wear a conical dunce cap on my head and sit in a corner. I felt ashamed, different and rejected. But today I have been blessed to be able to turn this once dunce cap of shame into a wizard’s hat of honor. kids
One day my teacher had my parents come in to the class. She said to them in front of me, “Mr. and Mrs. Demartini, your son has a learning disability. I’m afraid he will never read, write, or communicate normally. I wouldn’t expect him to do much in life, and I don’t think he’ll go very far. If I were you I would put him into sports.” I remember sitting there and hearing her statements. Though I did not fully understand the significance of her words I did sense my parents uncertainties and tragic concerns. Many times, the greatest void in your life becomes your greatest value. That which you perceive as most missing becomes most important and ensures that you go out and achieve or fulfill it. I was told I would never read, write or communicate, and that I was learning disabled. So I went into sports and eventually dropped out of school as an early teenager. But the sport I really developed love for was surfing. So by the age of 14 I left home once again and set out on a journey to become a world-traveling surfer. I went to my father and I said, “I’m going to California to go surfing, dad.”
He looked me in the eye and sensed that I was sincere, and that no matter what he said I was going to do it, because that was where I belonged.
hitchhiking He asked me, “Are you capable of handling whatever happens? Are you willing to take whatever responsibilities come along?” “Yes, I am.” He said, “I’m not going to fight you, son. You have got my blessings,” and he prepared a notarized letter saying, “My son is not a runaway. He’s not a vagrant. He’s a boy with a dream.” My mom and dad gave me a ride to the freeway and said, “Go follow your dreams.”
Years later I found out that when my dad came back from world war II he had hoped to go to California, but didn’t. Many times parents live vicariously through their children, and their kids can help heal them by living those unfulfilled dreams in their own way. When he heard me say I was going to California, I believe his old dream came back to him and he thought, I never made it, but I’m not going to stop you. My First Mentor So I set off hitchhiking to California and came to El Paso, Texas. I was walking through downtown on my way to the west coast, coming down a sidewalk with no place else to go except straight ahead, when I saw three cowboys ahead of me. I wore a headband and was growing my hair long because that was the thing to do in the sixties. In those days cowboys and surfers didn’t get along. There existed an underlying war between the shorthaired red-necks and longhaired white-necks. As I walked down that sidewalk with my backpack and surfboard and saw those cowboys, I knew I was about to be confronted by an obstacle.

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