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Miracle Story



Work it Baby!!!

Submitted into: Miracles of Travel Category,

On: 2008-08-05

In May this year my I had a holiday in France with my husband Trevor, my brother Andrew and his wife Sharryn. We spent a week in an apartment in Paris and then a week in Trelevern on the west coast.

We left our Paris apartment to catch a train to Rennes where we would collect a hire car to travel to Trelevern. On leaving the apartment we (well I) thought it would be a good idea to catch a taxi to the station Gard du Nord. After waving ourselves stipid for 15 minutes we decided we had better take the Metro.


After lugging our bags down the stairs to the station we found the platform and headed to Gard du Nord. After arriving and lugging our bags up and down stairs and escalators to the country trains platform we could not find the Rennes train. Andrew and Sharryn went to ask only to find that the train to Rennes left from Montparnasse Station - back the way we came and futher on from our start point. By this time it was 9.40am and our train left at 10am. We had 14 stations to pass through and then a 10 minute walk to the country platform.


I got 2 Expect a Miracle cards out of my bag - gave 1 to Sharryn and held onto 1 myself. I KNEW we would catch that train.

Once at Montparnasse I took the point, the boys carried/dragged 2 bags each and Sharryn was their lookout. We went up and down stairs, along tunnels and up escalators and eventually we found the country trains departure board. It was after 10am and the train to Rennes was scheduled for 10.05am and I knew we would make it. We came in at track 10 and the train left from track 1. I RAN - hoping the others were following. The clock on the station said 10.08! I found the train, found the conductor and told him 3 others were coming. He said it was OK, calm down (all in French of course) and asked for our tickets.

Andrew had them and just then they rounded the bend onto the platform. The conductor checked them and told us we were in car 4 - almost at the front of the train. We set off towards our carriage when the whistle blew so we stumbled aboard - helped by others on the train - and then found our way to our carriage, put the luggage in the racks, stumbled to our seats and then sat there for 5 minutes laughing and recovering.

Expecting a Miracle doesn't mean sitting back and waiting for things to happen - we worked hard (running to the train) and we got our reward.