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Miracle Story


B Helmuth

The Lawnmower

Submitted into: Miracles of Work Category,

On: 2008-08-03

When I was six years old my dad was mowing the lawn on a riding lawn mower.
He had my brother sister and I in a trailor being pulled by the tractor. He did this often, it was kind of a treat for us. My dad is a very good man and never wanted to hurt any of us kids.

So the tractor stopped and I assumed dad was done so I stood up, well dad was not done and the tractor lurched forward, throwing me on the ground, my dad then proceeded to back over me, he realized something was wrong because faith and jack were screaming and he pulled forward and stopped the mower, he grabbed me and took me in the house, I remember looking down and seeing that my pants were shredded to bit and my mom had to cut them off of me. My legs had been under the mower deck and my head was under the back tire of the tractor.
but somehow I didn't have one cut or external mark on me. My pelvis was bruised badly and I stayed three days in the hospital because I couldn't walk. My dad stayed nights and my mom stayed with me during the day.

On the third day I wanted to throw my gum away and mom was in the bathroom so she couldn't carry me to the can. I climbed out of bed on my own and walked(in a squatted bull-legged position) very slowly over to the trash can and threw my gum out, then ma came out of the bathroom and watched in amazement as I walked back to the bed and she had to help me climb into it.

The miracle of the story is I remember very clearly that under the tractor there was no sound, or pain. I watched my body from the left but parallel to it as it was under the tractor and I was not. My body was not touching ground or the tractor. I believe my body was lifted from the ground and the tractor was lifted from me just enough to avoid death. I know I was guarded and I know my soul wasn't with my body because I watched it float. By all logic I should have been shredded and crushed but I was fine!