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  • Amanda Vaccaro... "John's 'Expect A Miracle' cards ushers the dimension of possibility and invites each individual to be open to receive from this dimension. This card is now my trigger for daily expectancy and gratitude for wonders and miracles."
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Miracle Story


DC Cordova

Where the Expect a Miracle Card Came From

Submitted into: Miracles of Lessons in Life Category,

On: 2008-07-21

Hi my name is DC Cordova, CEO of Excellerated Business Schools and Money and You Programs and I am very excited to be doing this interview with John. John and I met in February 1987 in Melbourne, Australia when he attended our Money and You Program.

So much has happened and I am so excited about this wonderful card that says Expect a Miracle'. Basically I went to a church in Hawaii called Unity Church in the early 80s and there was this little card that said Expect a Miracle and I bought quite a few of them which were very inexpensive.

All of a sudden I wasn't feeling very well, I was going through some things in my life and feeling very sad, it was a spiritual process that I was going through and I had only been around the Money and You Program for about 4 years. It was such a magnificent program, but being where I was, the level of serviceability was low. I was actually promoting my new program then with Robert Kiyosaki (known through Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series).

I starting going to this Church and I had met so many beautiful people and I was looking in the bookstore and saw these wonderful cards, so I bought them and it was really interesting because I thought, you know Expect a Miracle, I really need a miracle right now.

Then I decided to start giving the card to people because it was really fun and exciting and the way that people would react to the card .. they would say, DC you made this up and I would say Oh my God No. I said this came from the Unity Church and so I was giving them out, but the biggest thing was how people would react and of course for some people it was a little religious and for others it was a miracle and what had happened for me in the 1970s.

I had studied the Course of Miracles with my wonderful teacher, Sondra Ray and there was three text in there. One was called The Teachers Manual which was very small and it talks about miracles being a common occurrence and it is only us that takes a look at something and think that it is something miraculous. When you really think about it, what most people call a sunrise we call a sun sight. Really it could be a miracle, the same thing with a sun eclipse which is the sunset and when you get to look around you there are some many miraculous things. I began to study the course in miracles in the late 70s that this card was a bit of a miracle, that I got it because I wasn't feeling well and began to forget that miracles are a daily occurrence and they are really much more normal than what we think they are. I was really getting in touch with myself and that I could believe and expect miracles on a daily basis and my life began to shift a little, it wasn't like this huge change, and I thought this is interesting'.

Every time I picked up these cards I put them everywhere, I had it in my bathroom on the mirror, I had it on my refrigerator, in my actual wallet and then I kept buying more and then I can't remember exactly when, but I think it was the mid 1980s that I thought it would be a really good idea to have my business cards say Expect a Miracle' and on the back have my name and telephone number. I felt I needed to get permission from the Unity Church so I called them up and said I have these beautiful cards, is it OK if I create a business card out of it and they said you can do whatever you want with it, it does not belong to anyone. I said thanks, they said somebody just came up with this .. so you are welcome to do whatever you want.

They do not really know where it came from, but they were very popular and I began to create this business card. It was a bit of coming out of the closet' a little because it began to show my spiritual side and these were my business cards so I would give it to them and some would probably think about throwing them out or by accident , some would look at them on the back. The cards were white on one side with my name and the other side gold and said Expect a Miracle.

It was quite an interesting thing because people did not feel at ease about throwing away my card and it was a good network exercise and that is how John got a card and his story is so wonderful and exciting and now he has created so many miracles around these cards. Truly, I have been given so much information and feedback, I do not have specifics to say that you can go to someone and they can create a miracle out of having this card, but I have been told many times that they were given an Expect a Miracle card they were either having a bad day or they were attempting to make a decision in their lives or there was something going on that they needed to have more clarity around people. For some, they met me somewhere at a network event or a Money and You program and they received that card and then all of sudden there was some sort of clarity for them. It was almost like a little sign that said go there and they were able to make a decision out of them getting this card. So I feel like whenever you find something wonderful that it is something you share with others and this is my experience around Expect a Miracle cards.

I stopped using Expect A Miracle on my business card for a period. When I decided to do this again, I was working in some countries that were very religious, we did a lot of business in Malaysia which is mainly a Muslim country and we do go to China where they are not so religious, but you have to be a little careful with how you present yourself in China as a communist country and they do not have anything against churches but you have to be careful.

One thing I decided to do was to put on my business cards and translate in different languages, so now I have Expect A Miracle in Chinese and Japanese and I am sure John will put it on the website. I also have it in Spanish of course because I am Chilean and then of course Bahasa which is the Malay language and we are going to translate it in other languages also.

It is really interesting because when Chinese look at it and say Expect a Miracle .. it was interesting when translating they do not have the word miracle' like we do, so it has something like expect the unexpected or expect wonderfulness. But when you give it to them and they see Expect a Miracle their eyes always light up and you see them in 6 months or a year later and then they have the card with them and show it to me and then I know they are communicating in their own way, eye to eye, heart to heart.

I really am a believer in messengers, I really believe we are messengers of ideas and there are so many times when we are having a terrible day or someone lost their job or lost someone they loved and they are going through a tough time or maybe a war started or many they have lost everything or many something wonderful happened to them … they became a grandparent or parent or something magnificent happened to them after you pass a card to them which says Expect a Miracle. All of a sudden they liven up and say WOW!, this is exactly what I needed or a miracle happened today … you know my wife just had a baby' and today was a miracle.

So we do not know where this card came from or where it is going to go, we just know that when we begin to past messages like this we are willing to open up our hearts and willing to know that everyday someone does need a miracle and for them it could be the smallest thing or something they could need and of course for organisations it's about creating huge miracles.

For me my mission is to transform educational systems around the world to eradicate poverty and hunger and to this day (the latest statistics, about a year ago) stated that there were about 70,000 children on a daily basis dying of either starvation, or lack of clean water, or electricity to keep medicines. We have a philosophy in our organisation which is how do you eat an elephant? - one bite at a time'. So we are working on a miracle to eradicate poverty and hunger. Maybe it is something simple as a card which says Expect a Miracle which reminds me everyday that it will be a Miracle of all Miracles.

I hope that before I leave this world I would have contributed to the eradication of hunger and poverty. That all families around the world will have some sort of shelter that they will have a roof over their heads and that they will have enough to eat and basic education and they will have clean water and at least the basic candle, so we can educate them so that will continue to expand their level of prosperity. I truly, truly believe that for those of us that have more knowledge, experience, money, health and wealth, I think the Great Spirit set it up for us to share that. He never said the words Expect a Miracle', I do not remember him saying that or reading that, but I do know all that He shared with us that if we do commit ourselves to the betterment of humanity that we will have better lives.

It could be something as simple as an Expect a Miracle card or it could be that you are committed to the betterment of humanity and you are worthy of a huge miracle and even though it may happen when you leave this world, I think we can have a better time in our older years as we begin to look around and see we did the best we could, not only to become more loving, prosperous, joyful or more freedom in our own lives that we are also contributors to others.

I am expecting a huge miracle, I expect for me to make a difference, if I do not do it myself the huge precessional effect, the ripple effect, the little pebble that we throw in the pond, that ripple will go away to another place that I may never know what happens, but I would have supported someone. A huge or tiny miracle that is all I can do. I do know that I can do anything and that I did contribute in some way. If this is the way I am going to contribute this keeps me young and healthy and happy and prosperous – my life seems to get better.

Thank you for reading this, I hope I have helped you in some way and that I do know you can Expect a Miracle'!