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Miracle Story


Stuart Williams

Mum Knew Because of the Smell

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2008-06-20

A lady brought her 4 year old daughter in to our office. She was a very healthy looking little girl, although very shy. Mum explained to me that they were having a lot of trouble with toilet training.

Unfortunately this little girl didn't seem to know if she needed to go to the toilet, or if she had had an accident.

Mum knew because of the smell. She also carried spare nappies, and sent spares to Day Care and Kindy. The worrying thing for Mum was that her daughter didn't even know when her nappy was dirty. Dad was becoming frustrated, they both were, because they thought maybe she wasn't trying, that she was being lazy.

They had explored many different treatments and had consulted many different specialists. No-one had an answer. The option of surgery had been suggested recently and this really worried Mum and Dad.

One day while at the hospital after consulting a specialist, a nurse who knew the history of this little girl took Mum aside and said I know this may sound crazy, but have you tried taking her to a chiropractor? Mum said she didn't think it was crazy at all, as she had been to a chiropractor herself, but didn't know it could help kids like her daughter.

I examined the girl and adjusted subluxations of her sacrum (lower back) and atlas (upper neck), and explained to Mum that the nerves connecting her brain with her bowel and bladder would be functioning better and that we may see a change in the function of those organs.

I phoned their home that night to check on her response to the first adjustment. Mum was very excited and told me that when they went home that afternoon, the little girl had, for the first time run into the room and said Mum, Mum, I need to go toilie.

I checked and adjusted the girl over the next 2 months and she continued to improve. Within a short time her toilet habits were normal' for her age. Mum, Dad and the Kindy staff were all very relieved, so was the little girl. She very quickly became more outgoing, and I will always remember the first time she came into the practice, singing at the top of her voice, rather than hiding behind Mum's skirt.

Dr Stuart Williams