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Miracle Story


John Hinwood

Have I Got a Deal For You !

Submitted into: Miracles of Travel Category,

On: 2007-11-07

Last year I was in New York and I had to travel to speak in New Jersey. If you have been to JFK Airport in New York at 5pm in the afternoon on a work day, it's like being in a human zoo. I went down to Ground Transportation because I didn't know how to continue on to Teaneck, New Jersey.

There were people two and three deep at the Ground Transportation Counter and many were yelling and demanding attention. There was incredible noise and there were three very motherly, African American women who were the Service Agents at that counter.

Eventually I managed to edge forward, I pulled out an Expect a Miracle card and stretched my arm out. One of the women saw it and grabbed the card. She yelled, Brother, are you born again? I replied Well, I tell you, I always expect a miracle. She asked me where I wanted to go and I replied Teaneck, New Jersey. She said, Teaneck, New Jersey. Well, that's going to take about an hour and a half. Wow, that's excellent. How do I get there? I enquired. What are the modes of transport? She explained, Well, you can take the bus and that's $77, or you can take the shuttle, or you can take a taxi cab, or you can take a Towncar. I said, Yes, that would be great. What else is there? You can take the limo, and there's the super-limo. She continued, And all those just go up in price, sir. They go right up in price. Great, I thought.

She was looking at my card and she said, Man, this is a special card. So she showed the other woman, Can we all have one of those cards sir? I said, Absolutely. So I gave them all a card and they were busy examining it and discussing it as people were yelling out their demands. Soon my lady returned and said Have I got a deal for you sir. What's that ma'am? Well sir, I got you a super-limo for $77, the same price as the bus. I said, Thank you, ma'am.

So I walked outside after I had flown Brisbane/Sydney/Los Angeles/New York, a 29 hour journey. There were two fellows who had boarded the plan in Brisbane and I had been with the entire trip and they were standing in the big bus queue. I was over the road standing alone as a shiny grey super-limo slid around the corner. Man it was a big sucker! It could have fitted a football team; it had two TV's and two bars, and I almost needed a megaphone to speak to the driver. It was an absolutely superb drive an hour and a half down to Teaneck, New Jersey. And it was that little card that made the difference. Those ladies at Ground Transportation were talking, they were excited, they were so happy to receive the card. It made their day' in the chaos and it was a great end to what turned out to be a 31 hour journey.

Dr. John Hinwood
Casuarina Beach, NSW, Australia