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Miracle Story


Scott Schilling

Dallas, TX USA

There is Always a Silver Lining!

Submitted into: Miracles of Sport Category,

On: 2008-04-27

Relaying this story is important for a number of reasons. First because it became a defining moment in my life but more importantly because it became the cornerstone in my passion for helping people succeed in their lives. My hope is that it will provide you some inspiration in your life to find your true passion, what ever that might be. I love to see people excel; much of that desire comes from years of playing team athletics.

Let me share a quick story about a selfish young man, a severed Achilles tendon and a whole bunch of shattered dreams. Have you ever experienced a traumatic experience in your life only to find a silver lining on the other side?


My first big decision in life was where to go off and play college football. I was very fortunate I played the University of Iowa for Coach Hayden Fry, a great coach, a great mentor. I was starting kicker as a sophomore destined to play professionally after college; breaking records, life was great. We were about to play on national TV that weekend and point spread was two, a lot of pressure on the kid so I talked to a buddy of mine on the golf team. I said, Steve, the pressure is getting up on me a little bit. I've got to get away for a few hours; let's go play a little golf. He said, It was raining this morning, and I said, That's the pivotal word, was raining, not raining now, grass is wet, let's go play.
gold corse

We were coming off the 12th green which was way elevated down the 13th tee box and as we came over the top of the hill the golf cart started going too fast. I tapped the brakes to slow us down except the brakes locked; the cart started sliding faster and spun sideways. Now we're coming down the hill sideways faster than you want to be going forward, we get to the bottom and the cart hits a mound; the cart stops, I don't. I get thrown out of the cart, the cart hops on the suspension, bounces on my right foot completely severing my Achilles tendon on my kicking foot.

All that time, all that effort, all that professional future, gone. I dug my toe in the ground so it wouldn't move, put my face in my hands and I said, Steve, call an ambulance, I'm going to have surgery this afternoon, I'm out for the season. The team doc met us and said, Scott you're never going to play football again, you're never going to play sports again. If you walk without a limp the rest of your life, you're going to be extremely lucky. I said, Doc, sew me up; I'll be back. foot surgery

He did a great job because I did come back to play but that's not the unique part of this story. In the week that I was in the hospital recovering from that surgery about half way through I noticed something truly unique, all those friends, all those team mates, all the people who should have come to see me, didn't come to see me. It caused me to look at myself and what I had become. It allowed me to reflect on my Dad's years of service speaking on behalf of the United Way driving people to charitable causes and helping other people and I knew I needed to get back to who I was truly raised to be. With that incident in my life and that desire for change when I graduated I went into corporate America and I started training people, It's not where you are in your life that counts, it's where you want to be. You can be anything you want to be, and as they had success, I felt success. It was awesome being part of helping people achieve their dreams and then, my company started messing me around.

I was fortunate enough, my good friend Dr. Fabrizio Mancini came to me and said, Scott, why don't you share the message of wellness through chiropractic care? And I said, Well, thanks, Fab, but I've got a job. I'm getting messed around but I've got a job; right there was this opportunity I forgot to take. Well a couple of months later he came back and said, How about now? I said, That's it, I'm out. But I knew I didn't have the education necessary to go out and do what I was about to go do, so I found the program that gave me that education. It was $25,000; I put it on a credit card before discussing it with my wife. I knew she'd support me, I'll tell you the rest of that in a second.

I got that education, I went on the road and I met my first mentor Jack Cranfield. He took me aside one morning he said, Scott, we're all far more talented and capable than we use in our day to day lives. In fact we've only been put on this earth for two reasons, number one to have a fabulous life and number two to help as many other people as we possibly can. It took me right back to the hospital room so many years earlier and he said, If you're not having a fabulous life, chances are you're not helping anybody else. And if you're not having a fabulous life and you're not helping anybody else, you're robbing humanity, you're cheating humanity, and in fact you're being selfish! When he finished he walked away.

That's pretty heavy trip to lay on a guy. I went up to my room and I thought about it overnight. I woke up the next morning with my morning proclamation ringing out that I've started virtually every morning with since. I don't know where it came from it was just there. That proclamation is: I am attracting into my life everything that I need to cause over 100 million dollars in charitable giving! All of a sudden I had this huge what I wanted to accomplish in my life. I had no clue how that was going to happen. But the neat thing is if you develop a big enough what, with a strong enough why, the how starts to show up fast enough!

I was talking to another mentor the next day I said, John, you are so good; I want to be like you, he said, You want to be like me? I said, Yes, Sir, I do. He said, If you want to do what I do, do what I do. That's it, it's that easy, if I want to do what you do, do what you do?
He said, Yeah. Are you serving as many people as you possibly can? I said, sure! He asked, are you really? Sheepishly I replied, well I guess I could do more. He suggested that I really go inside my heart gain a greater sense of what I could be doing. After some time of study and reflection, I went back and I said, John, I did it, I took control. I've taken complete ownership of my morning proclamation!

He said, man that's awesome because formal education will make you a living, but self-education will give you true fulfillment. Have you ever read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? In the early 1900's Napoleon Hill interviewed the top 500 industrialists of our time, the top 500 wealthy people and he found two very unique discoveries; first of all they all shared 13 key characteristics to success. Now that in itself was exciting but the second finding was far more important that none of the 500 were born with those key characteristics, they were learned attributes. Why is that so important for us? Because if they could learn them, we could learn them and that's why I suggest that you get the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I'm not here to talk about the book but let me give you the three success principles that have been pivotal in getting me to my passion today. The first is in any area of expertise that you want in your life you have to develop specialized knowledge. You have to learn as much about that area of expertise as you possibly can. To be able to cause and generate over $100 million in charitable giving, I have consistently been seeking out the people and programs that have been successful in raising money and helping other people. Knowledge equals money, money that can be used to help so many worthy causes worldwide.

The second is then you have to surround yourself with a mastermind team. When two minds or minds come together a third and greater mastermind is created. We are all a product of our experiences. You've had experiences, I've had experiences but when you and I come together it's not one plus one equals two it's really three, four or five; there's synergy there and we can borrow each others experiences.

The third is you have to be decisive in nature, you have to make decisions; make a decision, don't make a decision, have you made a decision?

After seeking out the specialized knowledge necessary, we've created a series of books, seminars, media productions, training systems, websites—an all encompassing campaign to fulfill that vision of causing over 100 million dollars in charitable giving. The first book, Talking With Giants! Powerful Leaders Share Life Lessons supports 21 separate charities alone. The fifteen Giants interviewed in the book where mentors, friends and have become part of the mastermind team working towards this common goal. The decision was simple—get into action and move this project forward—gain traction. You can learn more by going to www.TalkingWithGiants.com. It's amazing when you simply come up with that big enough What and strong enough Why! The Hows show up fast enough!
By the way, are you interested in the result of putting $25,000 on my credit card before discussing it with my wife as the very best decision I've ever made in my life. Anybody interested in the rest of that story?

When it did come time to talk to her about it I said, Peg, that's my lovely wife, Peggy. I said, Peggy, I made the decision to get the education necessary to move our dream of creating over 100 million dollars in charitable giving forward and that education was $25,000 and I put it on a credit card. She said, Reeeeaaaallllly? She said, Scott, it's one of two things; either you're totally committed to make that decision work or you need to be committed because you're nuts and I've lived with you long enough I know that's not the case so I'm behind you 100 percent! That was the whole conversation. I told you she's a sweet girl. Everybody wants it to be a crash and burn story and I don't understand. I'm a very blessed man and now let me give you the sidebar to that story. Six and a half weeks after I got the education I made the money to pay off the credit card the $25,000 in two days.

I've done that many times since, let me ask you a question, would I have ever done it once without the education? Not a chance, did I have to step outside my comfort zone? You bet you. You see I truly believe what my mentors have taught me. We have been put on this earth to have a fabulous life and to help as many people as we possibly can and as a student of philanthropy, I experience the success and gratitude from helping others virtually every day. The universe will deliver everything we need to fulfill our dreams and vision once we gain clarity on what we want and always Expect A Miracle to happen.

And because of that I feel it's my responsibility; my invitation to share it with you all for your consideration. Now do I think learning to come from a servant heart and doing more for others is right for you? Yeah, I really do. But you know what, it doesn't matter what I think, it's not my decision it's your decision.

But there is another reason I truly believe this story has been put here today and that's to encourage you. Just like I've got this huge WHAT and WHY I want to accomplish in my life—you all have those huge WHAT'S and WHY'S as well. It could be sending your kids or grandkids off to college, building a playground at a local school, adding a wing on your church, but here's the one thing we all share in common, if we're not in control of our dreams and visions, do those things happen? No, so again I truly believe I've been put here to encourage you, if philanthropy is your silver lining and is the right one for you, welcome to the Talking With Giants! family. But if it's not, find something that is. Don't let anybody steal your dreams and visions. You've been put on this earth just like me to have a fabulous life and to help as many people as you possibly can and when you live your life that way it's just a blast, it's just plain fun.

You see what happened to me on that golf cart that day was a blessing in disguise. I was headed in a really wrong personal direction and I got redirected into a bigger and better dream, that of helping other people. And writing the Talking With Giants! series of books and creating products designed to support philanthropic causes and this system has been the vehicle that's allowed me to help so many and it can help you too, if you let it. Follow your hearts; follow your passions—your silver lining awaits! And always remember to Expect A Miracle.

Scott Schilling