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Miracle Story


Dr John Hinwood

Our Datsun 10, The Oven and the Hairdryer

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On: 2017-01-30 10:11:19

We arrived in Toronto, Canada in the summer of 1973 so I could study chiropractic. We decided that a car was not in our budget so we used the outstanding public transit system.

Our first car we purchased in Canada was in the spring of 1976 at the end of my 3rd year. We bought it from a guy who was graduating and moving back west to set up practice.

We were the umpteenth owner of a mighty Datsun 10 ‘clunker’ that was about 12 years old and had  seen far better days.

Two weeks into our ownership my right foot went through the floor of the car on the driver’s side when I climbed in. Fortunately, our neighbour was having his house aluminum sided (which was the rage in Toronto in 1976) and he gave me the throw away off-cuts which I cut and pop riveted together to make a replacement car floor and then pop riveted this piece of patchwork aluminum to the rusty car frame. 

A $2 purchase from a ‘bargain basement’ carpet shop saw the floor on both the driver side and passenger side look a $1,000,000!

This ‘little puppy’ served us well through the summer and fall but when the winter came it was a very different story. Fromearly December of 1976- to late January1977 a 51-day stretch of sub-zero chills hit the city. There was also a major additional wind chill factor present and snow banks lined every street.

Starting our ‘little puppy’ on a freezing winter’s morning, in the dark, was quite the task. The car didn’t have a block heater as North American and European carsdo to keep the engine oil warm overnight.

What we needed in the middle of this shocker of a winter was some ‘colonial ingenuity’backed by a miracle in how to start the car each morning.  We lived on a One Way street and had to park our car on the opposite side of the street between deep snow banks.

Our miracle came after speaking to an old timer Les who lived across the street from us. He told me that I had to take off the distributor cap and spark plug leads and warm them up in the oven while Judy had a hair dryer connected to a long extension lead that ran across our street. Her job with the hair dryer on full blast was to warm up inside the distributor case in the engine.

After 10 minutes of low level heat in the oven I would remove the warm distributor cap and spark plug leads and run across the road and install them in the car.

 We always let out a big cheer when our ‘little puppy’ started.

Sometimes ideas and suggestions may seem strange, however, when you have exhausted all your options, giving a strange suggestion a go can produce the miracle you need.


Dr John Hinwood

Brisbane, Qld, Australia