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Miracle Story


David Holt

My Passion for Running

Submitted into: Miracles of Sport Category,

On: 2016-03-04 04:30:18

In my late teens and early twenties I was a very keen middle distance runner. While studying at University to become an Architect, I trained every day and raced most weekends at Fun Runs or Cross Country events or track meets. I was logging up to 200km some weeks and was super fit and very thin.

This was my lifestyle in Australia from when I left home in Rockhampton to move to Brisbane to study and compete. After several years of pumping out thousands of kilometres I was struck down with Glandular Fever and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I didn’t have a regular doctor at that time because up until then I had not really ever been sick.

The doctors I went to see all prescribed rest and said it would take time to recover and there was nothing else that could be done. Eventually, I found a doctor at Auchenflower Private Hospital who was treating chronic fatigue with Vitamin B injections and Vitamin C drips. Every Tuesday I would go for a session for one and half to two hour to get the Vitamin C drip and on Fridays I would get a vitamin B shot to allow me to function over the weekend.

The vitamins did give me a definite lift but the sessions with the drip were toxic. Several of the longer term Chronic Fatigue sufferers would sit and moan and share their stories of the week or their experience with Chronic Fatigue. Stories about how they had walked to the letter box yesterday and that had left them exhausted for the rest of the day, or how they had gone home last week after their drip session and slept for 3 straight days only getting up occasionally to use the bathroom.

I did this treatment routine for a few weeks then made a conscious decision to change my treatment approach. I did not want to be a part of this gloom and doom group. For me, the Chronic Fatigue meant only running 60 to 80 km a week in training and only competing in 1 or 2 races a weekend, as opposed to what my former schedule before being diagnosed.  I also slept a lot more than I did before.

 My life was not over I realised and I just had to back off and do what I could do and be grateful and happy for that. I was fortunate that I had seen what Chronic Fatigue had done to others and knew if I stopped being positive and grateful, I too, could then look forward to nothing really positive in my life.

Within 6 weeks of making the decision to just do what I could do and be grateful for that, I found my life improved. I started working for a Vitamin company - the best job I have ever had. I worked for this company for 16 plus years and it gave me a new passion to direct my energy. I wasn’t running as much, but replaced running with touch football, mixed netball and squash to satisfy the competitiveness in my personality.

My miracle was that I realised I had to break free of the ‘dooms-day’ group of people I was hanging out with, cut my running back, and be grateful that I had found a doctor who had developed a proven recovery plan and be grateful that I could still do many other activities to find the fun of competition . By accepting these things I started enjoying life again and break out of the negative mindset that being unwell was beginning to shape my future with.

David Holt

Brisbane, Qld, Australia