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Miracle Story


Barbara Clifford

The Miracle of the Unconscious Mother

Submitted into: Miracles of Family Category,

On: 2015-12-14 02:51:55

About 20 years ago, my best friend was pregnant and in an on again/off again relationship.  I committed to her to be her birthing partner.  As it turned out at the time her partner was “on again” at the time of  the birth and was there for her. 

My friend was the spiritual, earth goddess type of woman who wanted everything throughout her birth to be natural, blessed, organic and spiritual.  She had paid for a personal midwife to attend the entire birth to help her manage this process at the beautiful birthing centre. 

Her baby had other ideas.  Her labour seemed to go on and on and on with little improvement. The midwife instructed her that they wanted to break her waters to trigger the next stage of labour.  My friend cried, this was a forced intervention she didn’t want. Yet the labour went on and on.  It had been well over 24 hours and she was drained of energy and we were all also exhausted.

Finally they decided she needed to have a caesar.   Terrified of blood, she insisted on having general anaesthetic. Under these circumstances, the father and I were not permitted to enter the operating theatre however the midwife could be.  My friend made the midwife promise that when the baby was born that it would be placed straight on the mothers breast.  This was her last thread of the “natural” spiritual experience that she could hang onto.  The midwife assured her this would happen.

Exhausted, we sat waiting.  A nurse came out with a very straight face.  “There’s been a complication. She has had a severe allergic reaction to the general anaesthetic. We cannot bring her back out, we cannot bring her into consciousness.  She will need to leave the birthing centre and be transferred to the Emergency Department (at the nearby hospital).  She can hear you but is not conscious, would you like to come into the theatre and talk to her?  Explain to her what is going on?”

We entered the very scary operating theatre, with lights, tubes and monitors.  The midwife insisted to the very officious doctors that the baby be placed on the mother’s breast, this had been her wish, while we waited for the ambulance team.  The midwife carefully placed the baby on the mother’s chest and  the little baby suckled, oblivious to the commotion.  I whispered into my friends ear, “You are okay, you are safe.  Everything is going to be okay.  You have a beautiful baby boy and he is with you on your chest.”

The ambulance team arrived.  The midwife asked if the mother and baby could stay together while being transported on the gurney.  The team refused, they felt it was too risky and insisted that the pair be separated.  Gently the midwife, inserted her little finger into the mouth of the baby to release its sucking pressure from the mother’s nipple and removed the baby.  Immediately Mum started convulsing and shaking.  The midwife and I looked at each other, our jaws dropped.  We both new, this was my friend showing her protest in the only means possible. The doctors dismissed it as an involuntary reaction but the midwife and I felt that we knew better.

I will never forget that miracle of the mother- baby bond.   Needless to say, there was more medical interventions for this poor friend that were far from the natural experience she dreamed of but she finally came through.  Her son is now a strapping young man and she leads a vibrant life. Although she did opt to have no more children.


Barbara Clifford

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia